Monday 29 November 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 29 - Redwood Foods.

I'll be posting all of my delicious Parisienne eats tomorrow (the last day of MoFo!) because there's been a serious lack of WiFi in Paris but for now here's one I prepared earlier...

I love Redwood Foods, they brought us Cheezly, Vegi bacon, delicious sausages & loads of deli slices and now they're coming out with loads of new products.

Their new Southern Style range consists of burgers & chicken style pieces & Nick & I gave them both a go.

We enjoyed the chicken pieces the most, probably because we eat burgers fairly often so these were more of a novelty. We served them with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, green beans & gravy - southern style....I think!

I spotted this selection of new Christmassy party foods in the North Street Holland & Barrett the other day. First a Cheezly style selection box with a 3 types of cheese, Pepperjack, Smoked & Blue.

This huge box of 'Party Bites' with a selection of pork style, hot dog style & chorizo style sausages.

I also found these three new 'Party Bites' products, Mini Cranberry Falafel's, Breaded Pepperjack Style Cheezly Bites & Kofta Style Bites.

Everything looked really exciting & I picked up a packet of the Breaded Pepperjack Style Cheezly Bites to try. As they're meant to be a party bite I decided to enjoy them party style, served on a fancy plate with some Sheese & pineapple on sticks!

This made an awesome lunch but (& I shoulda guessed this by the name) the party bites are too pepper filled for me & I could only manage one before my mouth was on fire but Nick was on hand & happy to finish the other 6 (odd number for a pack 7!)

I'll definitely buy these again for when we have guests though because the cheese got all nice & melty & they held together pretty well during frying. I would love them to make these with the blue or smoked cheese though, I'd happily munch on a whole box then.

I'm looking forward to trying the mini cranberry falafel's & I'm definitely going to be giving that Cheezly Style selection box a whirl sometime soon.


  1. The Southern Fried "chicken" looks really good. It all does.
    Your meal was very southern, I think all that was missing were the "buttermilk" biscuits and a slice of pie for dessert.

  2. Oooh want the party bites and cheeze selection! Mr treehugger will hopefully bring me some back after Crimbo.

  3. Wow! Look at all the neat party food!
    I hope I'll be able to order these online, or maybe if I asked at my Holland & Barratt they would get them in for me. Will have to find out!

  4. southern chicken!? so yum. i wish i could find this brand at my local grocer1

  5. I am so on that party box! I had no idea cheezly had these flavours?!

  6. The US flag on the Southern Fried chicken style pieces is one of the funniest things I've seen lately. I'd totally buy it if I found that.

  7. How fun! I wish we could get the whole range of products here in Australia. They would be great to try out.

    I look forward to hearing about the rest. And about Paris.

  8. I got so excited when I saw the cheezly bites and little sausages! Think gonna treat us to them tomorrow so glad to hear they're good (I love pepper).

  9. Excited about trying the new stuff!
    Especially chicken style pieces!

  10. Ahh, the selection pack looks great - blue cheese! I normaly can't find redwood foods products here, but it all looks good. Lucky you! :)

  11. I kinda hope they do the 3 Cheese and 3 Sausage this year. The Pepperjack was HOT but nice and the Chorizo's were memorable.


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