Thursday 20 May 2010

222 Veggie Vegan

I'd been to 222 Veggie Vegan quite a few times before I started blogging and loved it so when I was in London a few weeks ago I used blogging as an excuse to justify a fancy dinner!

I always find it really hard to choose what to have when I come here because everything always sounds so good...this usually means I always end up ordering the same thing and this time was no different. Except this time I justified ordering the same thing by telling myself I'd never blogged about it before so I kinda had to!

To start I ordered the Avocado Pomodoro.

This really isn't a great picture of something that is actually really delicious. 222 is the first and only place I've ever had baked avocado and I really like it, I keep being amazed at all the delicious things you can do with avocado! It comes with tomato sauce, vegan cream and a delicious little shredded vegetable salad. As usual my awesome friend Kip has managed to recreate this dish at home and she's even put the recipe on her blog right here.

As a main I went for the Pasta with Wild Mushrooms. I can never resist a creamy pasta dish on a menu and this one always lives up to my expectations

Another dish that tastes better than it photographs this plate of wholewheat pasta, sauteed leeks, wild mushrooms and cashew cream is an explosion of different flavours which work together perfectly and are all utterly delicious.

I didn't order dessert but my friend Holley had the 222 Pancake and managed to wait patiently whilst I photographed it!

The pancake comes filled with vanilla ice cream and is topped with vanilla and chocolate sauce. This isn't my kinda dessert as I'm really not a huge vanilla person but I was assured that it was yummy and it certainly looked great.

I'll definitely be going back to 222 Veggie Vegan, there's a seitan stroganoff on the menu I've got my eye on!

Pizza Face

There's a new takeout pizza place in Brighton called Pizza Face, they're located in Kemptown and not only do they deliver anywhere in town but they deliver awesome vegan cheese covered (and gluten free) pizza's!

As soon as I heard about this place I had to order pizza immediately.

There are 7 vegetarian pizza's to choose from on their menu and they can all be made vegan by either omitting the cheese or paying an extra £1 for vegan cheese.

Nick ordered the Margherita minus the extra tomatoes...

...and I went for the Vegetarian which comes topped with grilled courgettes, sauteed mushrooms, red onions and fresh rocket.

Both pizzas were delicious and my pretty-much-vegan-now husband Nick said he'd never bother ordering dairy cheese pizza again!

Pizza Face also do delicious vegan garlic bread (which we forgot to photograph) and tubs of Booja Booja ice cream.

If you live in Brighton please order some vegan pizza right now. The more vegan business they get the more likely it'll be that they'll expand their vegan menu and add some delicious mock meats!