Wednesday 3 November 2010

MoFo Day 3 - Edinburgh Part II

We woke up late today & after a quick room service breakfast of rolls & jam & fruit salad...

...we headed out for more exploring and ended up at vegetarian spot Henderson's.

Henderson's has been around since 1962 & has a shop & deli counter, restaurant & bistro. We settled on the bistro for lunch and after some deliberating & drinking my favourite lemonade...

...we ordered a selection of stuff to share. The homemade hummus with local organic bread & flatbreads.

The flatbreads were our favourite of the two & the hummus was perfect, homemade & thick. We also ordered the garlic bread...

...if there's garlic bread on a menu Nick's going to order it & this one certainly didn't disappoint, the bread was perfectly toasted & the garlic wasn't too overpowering. I'm not usually a salad person but I couldn't resist trying this delicious sounding rocket, red onion, squash, sultana, apricot & tofu salad.

It was certainly one of the best, and most interesting salads I've ever eaten, the onion was deliciously caramelised, the tofu was baked perfectly & I loved the squash. Definitely order this if you visit Henderson's!

For dessert I went for the cherry pie.

It was AMAZING! It had a whole wheat crust & tonnes of perfect sweet cherry filling. Nick went for the trio of flapjacks with a chocolate dipping sauce.

This was equally delicious & the chocolate dipping sauce went perfectly with my cherry pie.

Henderson's is totally awesome - if I lived here I might eat here every day!

We're just relaxing before dinner at the Filmhouse Cafe/Bar, I'm drinking a decaf soya milk cappuccino with a shot of hazelnut syrup...


I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about where we decide to have dinner, have a good evening.


  1. That garlic bread looks so good... and the cherry pie. mmm.

  2. I'm like Nick - I HAVE to order garlic bread wherever it's available!
    Mmmm cherry pie. I'm a gonna make a cherry pie this MoFo.

  3. That pie looks like it belongs in my face.

    Hope you two are have fun. x

  4. Wow, that's cool you were able to find a veggie place with vegan desserts! Your Edinburgh posts have really made me want to visit there again:)

  5. You drank a hot beverage?! Scandalous! :) Your meal sounds amazing. I can't see travel photos without getting nostalgic about our trip last year!

  6. That cherry pie looks incredible! And I don't even like cherry pie!

  7. I think I'd go for the garlic bread, too! mmm. The cherry pie looks wonderful as well!


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