Monday 15 November 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 15 - Cookbook Challenge Week Part VIII

It's the end of cookbook challenge week but we're going out with a bang. The book goddesses wanted me to have brunch today so that's exactly what I did.

First book of the day was Yellow Rose Recipes & the generator gave me page 24, Very Berry Muffins. Now I've tried to make muffins before & they've never turned out well so I was a little nervous. I didn't have any need to worry though because these were not only easy to make & they used up some of the egg replacer I bought years ago & hardly ever used but they definitely came out better than any other muffin recipe I've tried before.

The only change I made was using frozen berries rather than fresh, partly because it's really not berry season here at the moment but also because the frozen berries have been taking up freezer space I could be using for MoFo leftovers & the tonne of stock I made yesterday! Seriously, once it gets to December I might not have to cook again until Christmas! The muffins don't exactly have the texture of the store bought muffins I remember from my pregan days but they were still awesome & I'd definitely make these again.

In fact, whilst we're talking about Yellow Rose Recipes, if you want this book head over to Herbivore or Etsy (to buy it directly from the author) asap. There'll be no more copies left soon & there are no plans to re-prinit it at the moment.

Second pick of the day was Vegan Brunch.

I was pretty excited because I love this book! It made me like tempeh (the bacon & the chesapeake tempeh cakes are aewesome) and I made my first ever yeasted bread thing (the bagels) from here which has given me the confidence to try other yeastey things!

The generator picked page 95 - Gingerbread Waffles. This number generator certainly seems to be determined to make me like ginger! I happily got out my waffle iron - I wish I had room to keep it on the counter all the time.

This was a wedding gift, and I love it, hard!

I've never made any of the waffle recipes from this book, not because they don't sound great, they do, but because I already have a go to waffle recipe (Waffles I from The Joy of Vegan Baking) & I'm usually hungry enough by brunch time that failure isn't an option!

Not to worry though, this recipe certainly wan't a failure...

...this was a delicious pile of waffley awesomeness & I think Mr VeganInBrighton'll be excited that I froze some so he can have them as a quick breakfast before work.

Third pick of the day was Viva Vegan which seems like a great way to end Cookbook Challenge Week - right back where we started! I think I've mentioned before that I love this cookbook so I won't go on about it again but you should definitely buy it. The generator picked me page 103 - Latin Baked Tofu. I'm a huge tofu fan so this sounded perfect but of course just tofu on it's own wouldn't have been much of a challenge. You can pretty much serve this tofu with anything & I went for re-fried beans because I'd always wanted to make them (& I had the ingredients!) and decided we could throw all this stuff onto some Sopes.

The tofu was delicious, just like all the other tofu's I've tried from this book but the refried beans were too spicy for us even with my slight change to the recipe - I totally left out the fresh chilli & I can't imagine how burney it'd have been if I'd included it! Yup, I'm a spice wuss!

Thankfully as you can see from the photo we had sour cream to cool it down a little as well as lettuce & a mix of Super Melting Edam Style Cheezly & Melty No Muh Chas that I picked up in Vienna.

The actual sopes were wonderful, we pan fried them & it definitely took us a few goes to get them right. We started off with much too little oil & shaping them's definitely a bit of an art - one Mr VeganInBrighton had much more luck with than me because he actually has patience! We were worried they'd fall apart as you ate them or that it'd at least be really messy but nope, it was like a little plate of food - but you could eat the plate - perfect. We'll definitely be having these again.

Sadly it's the end of cookbook challenge week but don't think I'm going to be getting all lazy with my MoFoing - there'll be no chance of that because next week Mr VeganInBrighton (we'll call him Nick from now on because that's his name!) is going to be choosing all the recipes. I'm a little worried mainly because he's been playing X-Box all evening & not picking out recipes but hopefully I can resolve this & write myself a shopping list soon...


  1. ive loved this week of posting ive actually got into a sinc of coming on and looking :) hahah in a none creapy way!

  2. This was such a brilliant week! I've loved everything you made....but those waffles look so good I guess I need to buy a waffle iron!

  3. Those waffles look so good! I loved the whole week and look forward to this next challenge too :)

  4. The sopes are so good!

  5. I love the way you've been choosing recipes to try. That's what I need to do instead of flipping through my million veg cookbooks for hours on end. I made those same gingerbread waffles a few days ago. They freeze really well, too. I just pop them in my toaster to reheat them. I love them.

  6. it's been a fun ride this week! i can't see what mr. bri... er, nick, picks out for you!

  7. Lovely dishes, as usual! Those berry muffins look bright and yummy. And I do love those Gingerbread Waffles from VB! Perfect for this time of year!

  8. Those waffles look perfect and I'm impressed with your waffle-maker! Also, the Latin-baked tofu looks delicious and it's a recipe I haven't yet tried from VV!

    I'm looking forward to next week!

  9. Everything looks wonderful! I loved your cookbook challenge week! Really fun to read.

  10. Everything looks amazing JoJo - I'm enjoying your cook book challenge so much.

  11. Eeeee! The muffins! Too bad I can't reach through the screen. And I'm still admiring you for doing this awesome cooking challenge.

  12. I really enjoyed your cookbook challenge!

    And The Waffle recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking is my go-to waffle recipe too! (vegan or otherwise - to me they taste way better than non-vegan waffles). I refuse to make any other waffles ;P

  13. This has been a great challenge week - I've really enjoyed reading your adventures! I'm going to start choosing a couple of random recipes like this each week. I'm guessing quite a few of us will be eating leftovers for the whole of December!

  14. Gingerbread waffles - WOW!! I could eat a whole stack right now. I love my waffle maker and Vegan Brunch, too!

    The muffins from Yellow Rose look delicious. I've had that book for so long and I really like all the recipes, but I never cook from it! That book and I should get better acquainted. ;-)

  15. Your waffles look great! When I get something resembling a semi-permanent home, I hope I can find a waffle iron at Goodwill, at which point I will probably just eat waffles 3 times a day. Also, your viva vegan sopas look amazing!

  16. I was excited to see the berry muffins because I just ordered a copy of Yellow Rose yesterday. Can't wait until it comes.

  17. I can't even begin to tell you how delicious all of this looks!

  18. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा20 November 2010 at 00:24

    The vegan muffins and vegan waffles look marvelous!!


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