Wednesday 24 November 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 24

Today I was planning to write about the amazing meal Nick & I had at Pho last night but I'm tired & it was awesome enough that I want to be able to write a decent review so it'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Today my friend Kip & I headed to Ikea, I needed to buy some shelf inserts (fun!) & Kip wanted to test out some mattresses so off we went. Of course we had to find a way to make it all about the food & we detoured to Wing Yip, a huge Chinese superstore in Croydon.

They had so much awesome vegan food! Sadly most of it was frozen & I'm not one to go re-freezing things once they've defrosted so I only picked up a couple of things, the vegetable spring rolls which I'm about to devour & the Vegetarian Style Chicken Pieces which are in the fridge & can be cooked just fine from chilled rather than frozen. I really wanted a huge bag of gyoza dumplings which were £1.49 but sadly it wasn't to be - this time. I am definitely taking Nick, our car & a cool box there soon!

Also pictured are plum sauce which I know is delicious, noodles which surely will be delicious & Hawthorn sweets which are not very delicious. We bought these because the packaging was cute & because a bit of googling told us that hawthorn is a fruit that grows on bushes rather than some kind of pork! If anyone's a fan of Hawthorn sweets leave me a comment & I'll send ya some!

After spending aaaages wandering around this huge superstore we headed to Ikea only to find more awesome vegan food!

I was looking for the delicious Singoalla biscuits...

...but sadly they were nowhere to be seen. If you stumble across these buy them, I promise you wont be disappointed! It was all okay though because thanks to vegan blogger Phoenix Dreaming I knew to look out for these chocolate, coconut balls of awesomeness, Delicatoboll. These are melt in your mouth amazing & I'm so glad I bought two boxes!

Whilst nosing around the food area I also found organic elk shaped pasta - I don't think I need to explain why that's cool & if I do I don't think you should be reading my blog - and a build your own gingerbread house. Thankfully the house doesn't come with any of the icing or smartie style decals you see on the box so it's totally vegan! I can't wait to build this - I had big plans to make one of my own this year but I know deep down that I don't have the patience to craft a house of of gingerbread, sticking this one together might be enough of a challenge!

I'll be back with more MoFoing fun tomorrow, see you then!


  1. Your Ikea has different food to us, boo! I've seen those biscuits before but not the chocolate balls or the gingerbread house, lucky you!

  2. I really want to go to Wing Yip!
    But haven't had the chance yet
    Bit of a warning. We bought some gyoza veggie dumplings from china town. They were so good and cheap, but my boyfriend bit into one and it had meat in it! Totally put us off and we threw the rest away! Gross! Don't know if it's the same brand, but thought I should let you know!
    Looking forward to seeing the gingerbread house!!

  3. When you mentioned Ikea I knew there would be food in this post, too. We have exactly the same stuff here!

  4. WOAH! Vegan food in Ikea??? When did that happen?
    I was in our local Ikea last week (new sink and taps!) and the only food they sell is meatballs and milk chocolate. BOOOOHoooo!

  5. I bought that gingerbread house at IKEA last week! I didn't realise they had other vegan food - I shall have to find an excuse to go back now.

  6. So funny! I just posted about my IKEA goodies too. I wrote about the delicatobolls and bought some frozen (not boxed) gingerbread dough.

  7. Oh yes (sorry to double post) did you see the nutritional info on the back of the delicatoboll box?! I posted a pic. Hmm, maybe you shouldn't look.

  8. So weird seeing Swedish food on your blog! I'll send you a pack of Singoalla if you want? If so let me know which flavour: raspberry, lemon/lime or liquorice: Not sure how they'll travel, but the flavour should remain :)

    I didn't know they were vegan, so thx for pointing that out! :)(May contain traces, the ususal, according to website)

  9. I love asian grocery stores, always something new to discover!

    About those veggie dumplings.. You definitely want to double check the ingredients list. I remember being very freaked out when I first bought them because something in the stuffing looked freakishly like meat but it was just some textured soy protein really. :)

    There must be some sort of singoalla shortage going on, because I couldn't find them either on my last visit. :(

  10. I just did my second ikea blog entry! Weird how we were there at the same time and I also almost picked up the brown Elk pasta, but decided not to in the end as I have tons of pasta already at home! There is SO MUCH vegan food there, it's awesome!

  11. I had no idea they sell Singoalla in Ikea, but it's probably something they do outside of Scandinavia only (or maybe I'm just a bit blind). :)

    One of my favorite pastimes is browsing through different ethnic supermarkets - there are always so many new, interesting foods.

  12. I so wish I was a follower of your blog years ago! I bought those Hawthorn sweets at an oriental supermarket years ago and I LOVE them! They were called "Haw-flakes" which to me sounded like "Whore flakes" which was the main reason I bought them...But they were yummy too ^^ Got to love oriental markets =]


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