Monday 15 September 2014

MoFo '14 Day 15 - Earth Balance Mac & Cheese Review and Giveaway

Hey hey hey! It's my favourite day of the week again, Mac & Cheese Monday!

I pretty much bought every new Earth Balance product I could find when I was in Austin. I already reviewed the Cheddar Squares and the Cheddar Kettle Chips. I mentioned the Mac and Cheese yesterday in my ridiculous sandwich post and today I have a proper review. 

I was pretty excited about this product, mac and cheese is one of my favourite foods and anything that's this easy to throw together will always appeal to me. Not because of my super busy life, nope! Because I'm a- pretty lazy and b- because I don't always remember to make food until I'm really, really hungry...or should I say hangry? I'm not sure there's a difference for me!

I read every review I could find online before my trip to Austin and people seemed to be enjoying the Cheddar, aka the orange box, better. All you need to do is boil the pasta, drain and then add the cheese sachet and 2TBS of both buttery spread and soya milk.

Sal and I were mainly making this to put in a mac & cheese toastie (yes, they were amazing!) but we managed to taste test a few spoonfuls of it first and surprise surprise it was delicious. This is no gourmet mac and cheese but it's super saucy and cheesy and just touch on the sweet side.

We made it with Vitalite spread as you can't get Earth Balance spread here. Vitalite isn't anywhere near as salty as EB, I thought this had the right level of salt but I have quite a low salt tolerance and don't put a tonne of it on my food. The other thing to note is that the two TBS's of soya milk you use need, like, really need to be unsweetened. As I said this is a little sweet already and it'd be a total disaster with sweetened soya milk. Apparently it's similar to Kraft mac and cheese but that's not something we have here so I've never tried it and I can't tell you how closely it compares. John from Laziest Vegans can though so check out his review for an American opinion!

Last night Nick and I whipped up a box of the White Cheddar, aka the blue box. We decided to add some Smart Dogs, another thing we brought back from the US, because honestly I don't think this box makes enough mac for two hungry people despite EB's claim that it's 2.5 portions. 

The blue box mac is definitely a touch saltier and a little less sweet than the orange box which I think makes it my favourite. Only just though! I really wish I'd brought back even more boxes of this stuff, I think it'll become a lazy day staple in our house fo' sure!

Now for the fun part, the giveaway!

I have one orange box and one blue box to give away to a lucky UK based winner. To enter you need to leave a comment below telling me when you'd eat them. Would you share them with your vegan bff? Would you huff the whole box in one sitting alone whilst watching your favourite show? Would it be the perfect emergency food after a busy day running around after your kiddo's? Whatever, lemme know! There are no wrong answers. Don't forget to leave me your contact details (e-mail address, Twitter handle or your blog) so that I can get in touch if you win. The competition closes at 9pm on Friday 19th. No extra entries for sharing on social media but feel free to anyway if you wanna spread the vegan love!


  1. Whole box while watching Doctor Who on an autumn evening. Bliss!


  2. Oh my glob, I need this. I would probably make it as a side and have to share (boo-urns).

    When I was younger, one of the people I played D&D with created what he called the poor man's meal - a box of white cheddar mac and a package of ramen noodles, and it fed all (usually) 5 of us. I might recreate that with the blue box!

  3. I would share with my boyfriend, because I do like him and all.... but I'd definitely do so slightly grudgingly.


  4. This is definitely one of those foods I would eat when I'm home alone in the evenings and need to distract myself from being scared of the dark! (Yeah I'm pathetic, I know ;) I'm over it)

  5. I would share with my partner, on the sofa with a bottle of wine watching Great British Bakeoff.

  6. Inspired by your toastie day, I would probably have a small mac n cheese gathering to celebrate the occasion, making a few favourite mac n cheese dishes to bulk it out!

  7. Those look so amazing. I'd like to say that I would be lovely and kind and share them out with my husband and other people I love but you know, I would totally scoff it all to myself. Eat in front of the telly with my slippers on.

  8. Yum! I would definitely save these to eat with my best friend who, unfortunately lives in Australia. Failing being able to fly out there before the BBE date, I would just scoff it myself :)

  9. I want to see Rachel re-create the mac n ramen!

  10. obvs, I am a US-er, so don't enter me. I love so much that you are doing a giveaway for your UK readers though! I have a box of the blue stuff in my pantry, but haven't made it yet. I saw someone on the PPK just didn't add the margarine, and I think I might try that.

  11. OH WOW I've been really excited to try these! I would share them with my boy, who didn't grow up in America like I did so he needs the joy of boxed mac'n'cheese. He deserves the best vegan junk food :D


  12. I'd eat mac n cheese on the tube
    It's so tasty, but which box to choose
    And let's make this clear
    I ain't gonna share,
    I'll just gobble up this great cheesy food!

    Sorry if this came through twice.

  13. Mac and cheese is a staple comfort food in our house, so this would definitely be an "it's been a crappy day at work" tea time!

  14. I would eat this when I got in late from football, and I'd add tomato ketchup because I'm a beast.

  15. I'd eat both boxes at once, under a duvet, watching Buffy for the millionth time. Mmmmmmmac and cheese <3

    Twitter - @welshveganblog

  16. Oh and I'm totally not sharing. Not even with the cats.

  17. I feel like it may be unfair for me to enter because I got to try them at home, BUTTTTT perhaps it's only truly fair that I win because that means I miss them the most :P I bought out a stash at Whole Foods and then left them at my parents' house, which means they ate the remaining boxes because even they thought they were fantastic.

    I would eat them when my husband is working late, on those nights when I don't have to cook a great vegan meal to prove my worth as a new wife :P

  18. I would make it all for meeeee! Breakfast mac, lunch mac, mac toastie even!! (Latest thing) I might throw on garlic courgettes with it and curl up with New Girl and a duvet :) x

  19. I definitely need to try the mac and cheese toastie, but did is see you made mac and cheese pizza once? Or am I dreaming that? I always share my food, I like to spread the vegan love around :0)

  20. My boyfriend has a massive mac and cheese obsession, it's the one thing he's missed since going vegan He's had Amy's before and liked it but he's been longing to try earth balance! I'd surprise him next month when he celebrates his year vegan (providing he doesn't pass out with happiness) and of course I'll be having some to!! We will probably be so excited we will eat the first few mouthfuls out of the pan! Then we might be creative and make a mac and cheese burger (vrevolution style) or maybe a toastie (veganinbrightonstyle)
    Hannah cooper
    From haywards Heath
    Instagram- veganhannahh

  21. I'd eat it to myself! My BF hates the smell of mac & cheese, but I love it! I think he was happy when I turned vegan and I didn't eat it anymore, but I probably should get him back since he always eats stinky food around me!

    America is so lucky to have these, I'm jel. Wanted to try some for ages!

    My twitter is @RachyPenguins xxx

  22. I'd have it when I'm just cooking for myself, with a glass of wine. Obviously saving some to make a mac and cheese toastie!


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