Thursday 18 October 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Pizza, Pancakes & Panthers!

Pizza has to be in my list of top 10 favourite foods ever and unsurprisingly Austin has some great options! Yeah, I'm totally obsessed with Austin!

The Parlor is a bar and a pizzeria, cool! The Parlor has a cool dive bar atmosphere & they use Follow Your Heart on their pizzas which is great because Nick is anti-Daiya. They were also happy to half & half the pizza so that I could have veggies - Nick hates veggies on pizza! 

I went for olives and mushrooms, yum! We would have gone for some of their mock meats as well but they'd run out of all of them. Although we usually prefer a slightly thinner crust, this was a damn good pizza. Next time we're in Austin we'll definitely be going back.

Another pizza joint we checked out whilst we were in Austin was Hoboken Pie.

They were right around the corner from our hotel so we ended up eating there on both our first and last nights. Hoboken Pie use Daiya which wasn't brilliant for Nick but their crust is epic and they have homemade mock meat and tofu ricotta.

This was our first night pie - mushrooms and vegan chicken. Perfection.

On our last night I think our chatting with the guys making our pizza made something go a little wrong & we ended up with the most insanely spicy pizza ever despite having ordered the exact same thing as on the first night! We think it somehow ended up with roasted habanero peppers on it. It was no big deal though and it was probably our fault for being super distracting! I washed away the spiciness with this delicious Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale.

Another favourite thing of mine beginning with P is Pancakes! I looove pancakes! I like to eat pancakes for dinner, brunch, lunch or breakfast - I don't discriminate! In Austin you can get your pancake fix 24 hours a day at the Kerbey Lane Cafe

Their fluffy blueberry filled pancakes were great and despite them bringing us both short stacks when we'd ordered full stacks there was plenty of pancake on our plates. We were actually kinda glad that there wasn't another one!

This P's a little more random and not remotely food related, Panther Fieldhouse! Nick & I love the TV show Friday Night Lights and as it was filmed in and around Austin we did a little driving tour of some of the locations whilst we were there!

If you're into TV and you haven't watched FNL yet you totally should, I think it's one of the best TV shows ever.


  1. That pizza looks ah-mazing!! I got sick of vegan pizza for a little while (the "cheese" wasn't doing it for me!)- but I'm feeling inspired to return to the dark side!!

  2. We have been eating Pizzas everyday because of the theme except weekends.. i thought i would get sick of them.. but still running strong!:)

  3. This post is very enticing! I've been dieting lately... which is a new experience for me... and has pretty much just led to me thinking about bread products 24/7. Especially pancakes and waffles and the like. Mofo isn't helping! :)

  4. Mmm pizza! Both places sound like they make good pizza and it's so great there were multiple places doing vegan options.

    And I have only just started watching FNL. I tried it years ago and thought it was too boring. Then tried again a few months ago and gave up but now I am half way through season one and I like it :)

  5. I might be off to Austin for work later this year - your Austin posts have convinced me I need to stick around and eat the hell out of it too!

  6. Now those are three P's I can get behind. I'm totally craving pizza and pancakes right now. Maybe I could even combine the two! Pancake pizza! I think my mind just exploded.

  7. Hi all Brightonians!! Bish Bash Bosh loves this vegan friendly blog, if you are looking for more Brighton related stuff check out our blog!

  8. Mr. Wing-It is not a big fan of Daiya either. Lately I find that I like it on pizza, but on anything else I prefer coconut milk cheddar. I might be addicted to it! :D

    Too bad they messed up your order and gave you a super spicy pizza! I hope the habanero peppers were not finely minced and scattered all over the top - that sounds painful!

  9. Oooo that pizza does look mighty fine...

  10. Daiya - That's one thing I wish I'd tried in NYC. Darn! ;-)


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