Friday, 19 October 2012

Kinda not pie-day Friday!

Yeah yeah, I know, today's meant to be Pie-Day Friday. WTH?! Where's the pie? Um, technically there is no pie. It's okay though, I have loads of excuses!

Today I sold my first cupcakes to WaiKikaMooKau on Kensington Gardens. WaiKikaMooKau is one of my favourite local veggie cafes & I'm super excited to have cupcakes made by my little business on sale somewhere I've been frequenting for years. I last sold my cupcakes in a cafe about a year ago & I had a less than great experience. The cafe shall remain nameless but, long story short, I found out that the owner was homophobic so I refused to sell him any more of my cupcakes! Thankfully that cafe shut down and now I'm excited to be moving on and working with a much more awesome business.

Terrible picture right? But yay, my cakes in a cafe!

If you live in Brighton you'll be pleased to hear that my Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes will be on sale over the weekend.

Also (I may aswell keep the excuses coming!) I was selected to take part in the Ms Cupcake "Cakes By Post" trial & the goodies arrived today. We have two cupcakes, a Nanaimo bar and two maple pecan loaf cakes to nibble on. With all of that there's really no room for pie!

This evening Nick & I went out for dinner at Fanny's of Hanover where the Gourmet Girl's Pop Up Restaurant lives on a Friday night. It was Fish & Chip night and the menu looked like this:

Crumbed Garlic Mushrooms (my old Red Veg favourite)
'Cod' n Chips (duh!)
Apple Crumble Tart...

...that's technically a pie isn't it?! I promise to post about it tomorrow!


  1. Hooray for selling your cupcakes!! I like the name of the cafe, there's a stall in another state here called WhyKillaMooCow :)

  2. WTF Jojo? Where’s my pie?! Lol

    Congrats on selling your cupcakes to a local cafĂ©, that’s fantastic! Are you going to be selling to them on a regular basis?

    1. It certainly looks like it! We started with the agreement that I'd make one batch every Friday but then they sold out in three hours so I took more...and then they sold out too. Now they've had 3 batches of cupcakes in a just over 24 hours! It's almost looking like a full time commitment!!

  3. Congratulations on the sale of your cupcakes. They looks wonderful. Wish I lived in Brighton because I would be there in a heartbeat to buy some.

  4. Congratulations on the cake sales! And that pop up menu sounds awesome, I would love to go to something like that.

  5. Congrats, lady! That is wonderful news. And Ms. Cupcakes, too! You have found your niche.

    As I am finishing up my current cookbook--Pies & Tarts with Heart -- I had to laugh bc for me, every day lately is pie day! And ironically, I was born on US pi day (3.14). I wish I had one of your cupcakes now.

  6. That is so cool! Congratulations on working with a non-homophobic business! The people of Brighton are very lucky I don't live there, or I would buy all your cupcakes myself and hog them all. Glutton!

  7. I loved checking out your business page for the first time and am so inspired that you donate all of your profits to good causes. Congrats!!

  8. congratulations sweetie! That's great news on your cupcakes :-)

  9. The better half and i split the very last chocolate peanut butter cupcake at WKaMK on Saturday afternoon. It was delicious! The icing was amazingly light and "fluffy."

    Please keep them coming! :)

  10. Yay, I got selected for the Ms Cupcakes trial too and got a box of goodies last weekend. I got a cookies, cookie sandwiches and crunchy peanut butter bars. Their stuff is amazing. Good luck with the cake selling.


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