Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sweets for my sweet.

So, we've been here for 11 days and I've really been cramming in the sweet stuff! On our first day we headed to the Downtown Farmers Market to look for Red Rabbit Co-Op and their famous doughnuts, sadly their mixer had broken meaning that they weren't at the market. All was not lost though as we stumbled across Happy Vegan Bakery. We picked up a cinnamon roll and a mini mint chocolate cupcake.

This mini-cake was delicious & mini cupcakes are great when you're planning to try every sweet thing you see! After that we headed north to check out Wheatsville where I cooled down with a Rice Dream Mint Pie.

As it says on the packet this is mint ice cream sandwiched between two cookies all covered in chocolate. It was amazing. I've since tried the chocolate ice cream version of this & I'm happy to report that it was equally rad.

Next we headed somewhere I'd been excited about trying for a loooooong time, Capital City Bakery.

We were there on Pride day so they'd fancied up their vanilla cake. Pretty.

Nick chose the pretty vanilla cupcake and I went for a brownie.

Holy shit these were good. These are right up there with the best baked goods I've ever eaten. Nick insists that my Operation Icing vanilla cupcake is as good as this one and maybe he's right but the brownie?? Wow! I've never ever eaten such a good brownie. It had a beautifully gooey inside and the perfect crackle top we all strive for. Amazing. Obviously after that we had to re-visit Capital City Bakery and this time around we got a box of 4 cupcakes including another vanilla, their signature Peanut Butter Crunch...

...and a lemon drop...

Unsurprisingly these were both amazing, perfectly light fluffy sponge topped with perfect creamy frosting. Yum! If I could pick up my house & put it down right next to the truck I totally would.

The best thing about this visit though was getting to meet Kristen the owner of Capital City Bakery, Kristen & I have 'known' each other online for years (PPK represent!) and it was super cool to finally meet in person.

I'm super sad to be leaving Austin today, we've both really fallen in love with the city. There's so much rad stuff to do here, the food's amazing, there's proper sun in October, you can get a full meal at the movie theatre, there seems to be live music coming from just about everywhere, everyone we've met has been amazingly friendly, and we love how much cool outdoorsy stuff there is to do, swimming outside is one of my favourite things to do ever so Barton Springs really helped shoot this place to the top of my city-love list. Nick & I have been talking about wanting to live in America for a really long time & this is the first place we've visited that's made us both want to start looking into visa's!


  1. I so want to get some treats from Capital City Bakery! And I also want you guys to move to the States. Do eet.

    1. Double what Celine said.
      And those pride cupcakes might be my favorite cupcakes of all time, looks wise.

      I met Kristen last summer at VVC, she is great!!!!!!!

  2. Won't lie, i'm proper jelly of all your sweet treats! That vanilla cupcake is gorge!

  3. I hope you'll come back soon!

  4. Love the vanilla cupcake...soo cute! And that brownie sounds fantastic!

  5. The tiny mint and chocolate cupcake is too adorable, I could eat it with one bite! Now I want to own my own mobile bakery!

  6. Move here already!!!

  7. Damn, those cupcakes! I want to go to Austin so bad!

  8. Capital City! Sweet! I hope to visit one day.

  9. All your Austin meals and sweets look so ridiculously good! I'd heard of the city's vegan-friendliness before and I'm glad you loved it so much as well!

  10. Wow this makes me want to move to Austin myself, I live about 4 hours away right now. You show how great Austin is in this post.

  11. You are officially not allowed to move to America. That is all x


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