Monday 29 October 2012

Sunday on a Monday.

Because Nick works in retail he often works on a Saturday meaning that our lazy Sunday is often really a Monday! It's kinda fun hanging out when other people are working - it makes you feel like you're bunking off & it's awesome because things like Moshimo Monday exist and everything's quieter - especially the beach in summer or the shops at Christmas time.

Today we slept in, went food shopping, watched a classic Bond movie and made dinner together. I spotted this Roasted Butternut Alfredo recipe on The PPK yesterday and I knew immediately that I'd love it. A creamy cashew based sauce, nooch, squash, sage and wine are all winners in my book. I also happened to have the exact amount of roasted squash needed for a half recipe in the fridge, how serendipitous!

I really loved this dish, the flavours worked perfectly together (no surprise there with an Isa recipe!), it was easy to make and I had all of the ingredients in the house already. Nick hates onions but I refuse to leave something so flavourful out of a recipe so we spent a while picking the onion out of his half quite unsuccessfully! Nick doesn't really like squash either so whilst I'll definitely be making this again I'll probably save it for days when we aren't having dinner together!

After dinner we made hot chocolate & I had mine in my favourite mug... looks like I have a monster hand!! Brilliant! I hope you're having a good Monday? I can't believe Vegan MoFo's coming to an end so soon. It feels like the quickest one yet and whilst I'm feeling a little bit of the infamous MoFo Burnout™ (my theme's have certainly fallen by the wayside!) I'm determined to keep posting and commenting as much as possible right until the very end!


  1. ha ha, I love your "infamous MoFo Burnout™" Just two more days to go - we can totally make it! This is my first year without a theme... and it's gone pretty well. I wasn't sure how it would work, but I sorta liked winging it day by day.

    1. Yeah we can! You MoFo-ing has been super awesome Amey, one of my favourites. Your illustrations are so cute & I'm loving seeing what you've been eating - I might even go themeless next year!

  2. I made this last night too. To be completely honest, I didn't love it. I thought the miso was a bit overpowering. I think I might try it again without the miso and maybe add a bit more cashew. My partner really liked it though.

  3. i've loved reading your mofo posts! :-)

  4. Woo! Only two days left, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself once this is over, so much free time!
    I'm glad to hear you liked that recipe, I really want to try it and was curious if it was as good as I imagine it to be, but really, how can you go wrong with creamy pasta sauce.

  5. ha ha, that mug is crazy! I worked weekends for years and I know what you mean about Sundays on a Monday. At the time I used to moan about not getting many weekends off but now I miss those weekdays off!

  6. I saw this the other day too and was thinking about making it this week, looks so good!!

  7. MoFo has gone really quickly but I'm feeling a bit worn out from it all. Thanks for the epic fried avocado recommendation, I tracked down the post on your blog and have bookmarked the recipe. I'm definitely going to try it soon, it sounds awesome!

  8. This recipe does look really good. Squash and Nooch a win win combo.

  9. Ha, I had to stare at the photo for ages before I could get my head around what it was!!

    And yum, I want some of that pasta, like now, and I've only just eaten brekkie.

    This was a quick MoFo and I liked not having a theme and I don't feel as burnt out as I have the past 2-3 years :)


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