Monday, 24 October 2011

Cookbook Challenge Day IX

I've decided to shake things up for the last few days of the cookbook challenge! I'm still picking the cookbooks out of a hat but instead of using the random number generator we haaaave *drum roll* the Husband Generator! Nick said that he'd do all of the cooking on Monday if he could pick the weeks recipes, um, okay!

The first cookbook outa the hat was Veganomicon & Nick chose the recipe for Banana Nut Waffles. I knew he'd pick either waffles or pancakes this week & this recipe was a great choice. I've had my eye on it for a while because I love the banana flapjack recipe from Vegan Brunch and I'm also a big fan of nuts in waffles.

These were delicious! Nick did a great job especially because it was his first time using the waffle maker, next time I might cook them on a slightly lower heat so that they firm up a little more but there definitely will be a next time.

After breakfast we popped out to buy ingredients, post some parcels & to retrieve all of my halloween decorations from the place I used to work, when we got back there was a pile of post waiting for us which included this great coincidence!

My pie book & a movie about pie, awesome! I'm so excited to get cooking from Vegan Pie In The Sky...I might even have to sneak a recipe into tomorrow's cookbook challenge!! UK peep's just a heads up, Amazon is still saying that the pie book can't be shipped until November 11th but the Book Depository has them in stock & is getting them into your grubby pie loving hands within 48 hours.

Whilst I read my new cookbook Nick got started on the second recipe of the day the Bakery-Style Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with a hint of Maple from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur.

These are seriously THE best chocolate chip cookies EVER. Try them now! Nick said that they were really easy to make but also that he'd never really realised how much sugar goes into cookies!! These cookies are definitely bakery-style, when Nick & I were getting together we used to go to a little local cookie place called Ben's Cookies and their chocolate chip cookies were my favourites, these cookies are just like them so they bring back great memories as well as being delicious! Nick's decided that this is his favourite cookbook & I love that he even has a favourite cookbook so thanks Kelly!

The third cookbook out of the hat today was Vegan Planet, Nick found it quite hard to chose a recipe from this book because it's huge and a bit intimidating and has no pictures. I tossed a few ideas out there and after showing him a picture of the Mac and "Cheese" on Susan's blog Kittens Gone Lentil he was convinced that was what was for dinner. As an ardent onion hater Nick wasn't too impressed that this recipe contained a whole onion but after realising that it was blended he was happy to proceed!

I served mine with broccoli & Nicks with peas and we both loved that it was topped with breadcrumbs. I really should do that more often because it makes everything all crispy & delicious. Sadly aside from the delicious topping we found that this mac & cheese was a little flavourless. The recipe says to use 2 tsp of nooch (that's nutritional yeast!) but Nick knows that that's now how you make a good mac & cheese and threw in 2-3 TBS instead. Unfortunately even that alteration didn't make this cheesy enough for us & it was more like a creamy pasta bake than a macaroni cheese. We added a lot of Parmazano sprinkles though & it ended up being a satisfying cheesy dinner even though we probably wouldn't use this mac & cheese recipe again.

Today's been awesome, I can't believe I've eaten so much delicious food & had three things to blog about without having to cook anything. Isn't Nick the best?!


  1. Those waffles look sooo good! I totally want a waffle maker for xmas. I don't care if it is 20 years old and harvest gold, as long as it works :)

    Waitress is such a good movie. Tragic about what happened to the director, though.

  2. I like the way Nick thinks, those are some mighty fine picks. Even if it didn't turn out as cheesy as you hoped, that mac n cheese looks soooo creamy and delicious.
    I really need to watch Waitress, everyone keeps talking about and I'm totally out of the loop.

  3. Those waffles look delicious! I love nuts in waffles, too (in everything, really). The cookies and mac 'n cheese look pretty amazing as well. :) There is so much comfort food goodness here!

    I really need to get a copy of Vegan Pie in the Sky! The book and movie pairing is just perfect. I always end up craving pie when I watch Waitress, haha.

  4. you know, i find that we have to add a lot of spices and salt 'n such to many of the Vegan Planet recipes. it is intimidating having a gigantical cookbook filled with recipes without pictures. the chocolate chip cookies look awesome and so does the stack of waffles. huzzah! kick booty on getting Vegan Pie In The Sky - and i've never seen Waitress, but always kinda wanted to. let us know if it's any good, Jojo. :)

  5. Those cookies look delicious. Too bad about the mac and cheese. I am still on the quest for creamy, "cheezy" goodness.

  6. The waffles look really good. I was thinking of making pumpkin waffles this past weekend but it didn't happen. Maybe this upcoming week.

    OOOO cookies. I need another recipe going to have to give these a try.

    I wish I had the pie book Green with envy over here. Enjoy! POst lots of pictures :)

  7. I just got my copy of Vegan Pie in the Sky today too!!! Love you Book Depository! Can't wait to get pie making on the weekend!!!

  8. I love those cookies!
    Alas that the mac wasn't cheezy enough. I always add extra nooch but I am not sure how much, I kind of just pile it in. I like things to be super noochy. ;)

  9. Yay, I love Waitress. Are you going to make pies from the book to eat whilst watching it?

  10. Damnit, I need a waffle maker...

    I've made those cookies before and they ARE some of the best ever!

  11. I love that Nick did all the cooking for you, I'll have to convince Chris to do the same for me ;)

    Everything looks good too, I'd love to spend a day eating waffles, cookies and mac n cheese!

  12. Oh. My. Those waffles! I've been fixing to get a waffle maker for a very long time, but after seeing your waffles.. I NEED ONE NOW!!!!!!!!

  13. It's too bad you weren't thrilled with the mac and cheese because it looks REALLY good. I also love your cookie story. And waffffles! (Basically, I really like your whole post!)

  14. when I finally get my copy (preordered from an indie bookstore) I MUST read it while watching Waitress! Best combination eva.

  15. woah! vegan pie recipe book - must have!

  16. ooh, i haven't tried those cookies yet, and i keep meaning to! also, weird coincidence--i just watched waitress for the first time last weekend. nathan fillion = love.


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