Oh hey there! I hope you're having a wonderful day? I'm Jojo, the woman behind the blog. I'm from the south of England although my family are mostly Scottish. I've been vegan for over a decade and I started writing Vegan in Brighton back in 2009. I went vegan for animal rights reasons and animal rights reasons only. Now I care about the environment too, a lot. We're totally killing the planet which isn't cool at all. I guess there are health benefits to veganism but I choose chocolate over chia every time and you will never find detoxing, diet, or healthy living advice here. Just straight-up vegan body positive radness. Bring on the pie!

I originally started this blog because it seemed like a great way to stay connected with my vegan friends from around the world whilst also showcasing Brighton's great vegan options.

Since '09 this blog has evolved along with me and it's now a wider reaching vegan travel, food and lifestyle blog. I was based in Brighton until early January 2015 when I went off on a full time adventure to explore the vegan options the rest of the world has to offer. I love music, travel (duh!), animals (I literally squeak every time I see a dog which makes me a pretty ridiculous person to hang out with!), reading books (everything from chick lit - although I hate that term, to feminist theory), watching TV (wanna re-watch Gilmore Girls with me?), pizza, splashing about in oceans, rivers and lakes, adorable stationary, recycling (seriously, it's an actual passion!) and collecting things (Pez dispensers! Cookbooks! Lunchboxes!) which doesn't really work wonderfully with my current travel lifestyle. I have too many things in storage but I'm working on letting go of material possesions. I also overuse exclamation marks which you'll totally get if you meet me in real life. I'm kinda excitable!

When I was in Brighton I ran Operation Icing, a not-for-profit bakery. I started it so that I could spread the word about delicious vegan baked goods whilst making money for charity. I think Isa Chandra Moskowitz said it best when she called it Baketivism. You can read more about that here. I also write for and help organise the awesome worldwide community blogging event that is Vegan MoFo, or, Vegan Month of Food.

I speak professionally about vegan travel and have spoken at London VegFest and Vida Vegan Con in Austin, TX. I'm available to speak about vegan travel worldwide so get in touch if you have an event that you'd like me to speak at.

I'm also the official travel advice columnist at Driftwood Magazine. Order you copy of issue two here.

If you'd like to know even more about me you can find interviews in these spots:

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The Stay at Home Girlfriend Zine - Issues 10 and 11
Vida Vegan Con - Month of Memories
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I recently started making zines and my first one, European Vegan; a guide to reading labels Europe wide is available from my Big Cartel store as well as from Infinity Foods in Brighton, Dr Pogo in Berlin, Herbivore in Portland and Rabbit Food Grocery in Austin Texas.

I'm also available for the odd guest post now and then. I recently wrote one for longtime blogger buddy Rika from Vegan Miam. You can check out my Vegan Eats in Brighton post right here.

I am very conscious about advertising products that I wouldn't use myself so any ads you see here will have been hand picked - no diet pills or products owned by parent companies who test on animals ever, I promise. If you think your brand is a good fit then get in touch because I'd probably love to work with you!

Want to get in touch with me to chat about travel, Brighton, advertising, hotel or product reviews? Drop me an e-mail to jojo . huxster @ me . com

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