Thursday 26 September 2013

Vegan Vegas - Zoozacrackers

It's Thirsty Thursday today and as I'm in Vegas this totally fits in with my travel theme too - double win (or Wynn, haha!).

Last night we had dinner at Zoozacrackers which is a super casual dining spot at The Wynn. It's right by the Casino floor so we popped in for a quick meal before heading back out to the Craps table.

We both had the Wynn Burger with fries and a chocolate shake.

This signature Wynn burger combo was designed by Steve Wynn himself to be like a Mc D's cheeseburger & fries and I'd say him & his team of chefs got it spot on. The fries were plentiful and perfectly crispy and the burger itself was a delicious Gardein patty on a soft white bun with a slice of melty vegan cheese alongside the classic gherkin / onion / mustard / ketchup combo. 

What really surprised me about the meal was that I liked the milkshake! I have never, ever, liked a milkshake in my whole life! I always try a little sip when Nick gets one because I want to like them, I understand that not liking them makes me kinda weird, so I was both surprised and excited to discover upon sipping this shake that I didn't grimace & hand it back, I totally wanted more! It's apparently made with coconut based ice cream and it was super cold, really thick and not crazy sweet. It was SO great and I imagine that if you already enjoy milkshakes you'll really love this one.

When I planned my MoFo posts I never imagined that I would write a Thirsty Thursday post about a milkshake but crazy things happen in Vegas right?!


  1. And the burgers come in pretty wrappers! They look a little bit like those heat reflective blankets you see people wearing after running a marathon, from the picture.

  2. Admittedly I used to love MacD's vanilla milkshakes when I was a kid. Hate to think what's in those...!
    The hotel restaurants have great names :D

  3. JoJo, next time you're in NYC: go to Terri and try their Butterfinger milkshake; it's the best shake in the world!

    PS Do you want to kiss Steve Wynn on the mouth, or what? Vegas was a vegan food wasteland when I was there!

  4. I've wanted to go to Vegas just so I can have some food at the Wynn. Your post makes me want to get there faster.

  5. I am glad the food was so good that you even liked the milkshake!


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