Sunday, 30 October 2011

Football Food Sunday, Take 5!

I can't believe we're closing in on the final day of MoFo and that this is the last Football Food Sunday of the month. It's not the end of the football season though so I'm sure there wil be more ridiculous Sunday food posts ahead of us!

After last nights halloween party I knew I wanted to take it easy today but I also wanted my final Football Food Sunday to be special...quite the dilemma! I eventually decided to make Chilli Cheese Dogs and Apple Pie, fun, but kinda low maintenance.

The motivation behind the chilli cheese dogs was that my lovely friend Kip from the blog Messy Vegetarian Cook made chilli for last nights party so I knew I could use some of the leftovers for these! I cheated a little more by buying the hot dogs (Frys) and the cheese (Vegusto) but I made the bread rolls myself; mainly because that actually seemed easier than going to the supermarket!

The buns are the Plain White Buns from The Best Veggie Burgers On The Planet, I made these a few weeks ago on Football Food Sunday & it was no hassle to shape them differently to make hot dog buns. These do rise a lot though so I had to do a bit of careful reshaping to get them right. Next time I would shape them into 10 hot dog rolls instead of the 8 baps they usually make. These chilli cheese dogs were totally amazing, I can't believe what a difference baking your own bread makes! I've also never topped a hot dog with anything other than ketchup before and the addition of chilli and cheese made them so much more delicious.

Whilst the dough for the bread was rising I started on my first ever totally from scratch pie. I've made mince pies before but only using store bought pastry and I've made store-bought puff pastry topped faux chicken pies but never pie crust from scratch! As I mentioned the other day my copy of Vegan Pie In The Sky arrived so I was excited to get started on some pie making. The Cosmos Apple Pie was the obvious choice, it's classically American and Isa even says in the preamble for the recipe that it's probably the first pie recipe you'll want to master. I decided to make the Buttery Double Crust for my pie because it sounded delicious and can I just say, wow, the pastry came out so perfectly and it was really delicious.

The pastry for the top of the pie fell apart a little as I put it on, mainly because it didn't look perfect so I tried to backtrack & take it off making the whole thing worse. Pie hint, do not try to remove your top crust to re-roll it, it will have touched the filling by then so there's no going back! After a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar I doubt anyone could even tell! As well as having never made a pie before I've actually never even eaten a homemade fruit pie before! This was delicious and clearly much better than the pies I used to buy from the supermarket before going vegan, I was also really surprised at how simple the process was even for a total rookie! I'm so excited by Vegan Pie In The Sky, I can't wait to make the Cherry Pie, the Key Lime Pie, the Chocolate Raspberry Tart, the Berry Chocolate Chip Cobbler, the Lemon Mousse Pie, get the idea! I could go on forever, I will definitely be posting more pie pictures on this blog!

This has been a very successful days eating, I see many more pies and chilli dogs in my future! What are your favourite pies or hot dog toppings?


  1. What a delicious way to spend Football Food Sunday! I absolutely adore chili--alone or atop anything, really--so of course I'm loving the idea of vegan chili cheese dogs. Yours look amazing, especially with those homemade buns. The pie looks equally fabulous. I really need to get a copy of Vegan Pie in the Sky...

  2. Your pie looks spectacularly perfect!

  3. What a great lunch, I wish I was at your place! Both the chilli dog and pie look amazingly good!

  4. i'm a bit sad MoFo's coming to an end as well. you've been kick'n ass, Jojo and i can tell you i'm looking forward to many more ridiculous Sunday food posts. footballs sundays are the best! today we've had cookie-brownie bars, chili, peanut sauced thai noodle bowls and mac 'n cheeze. i mean, when else would one enjoy this much silliness? on football sunday, of course! w00t! your chili dog looks most excellent and your apple pie crust is absolutely perfect. it really is, Jojo.

    as for me, my favorite toppings for tofu pups is sauerkraut, onions, and yellow mustard. as for pie, i'm a cherry pie kinda gal. kinda cliche, but man, it's so yummy. although i'd love a slice of that apple pie!

  5. The pie looks perfect. Can't wait to get my copy. Getting it for my birthday so a few weeks to go, can't wait!

  6. Wow, great pie! I put Vegan Pie in the Sky on my wishlist for Christmas and now that I've seen so many pics of so many wonderful pies, I can't wait to try them myself!!! :)

    My favourite hot dog toppings are pickles, sauerkraut, caramelized onions and yellow mustard. :)

  7. I’ve never tried a chilli dog before, yours looks good! Would have been the perfect thing for me to consume yesterday morning after a late night.
    You’re pie looks so pretty. I just got my copy of VPITS and haven’t had a chance to crack into it yet.

  8. I'm so glad you've finally experienced the awesomeness that is a chili cheese dog!

    That pie is beautiful. I need to get some pies made. Carl isn't really into pie, though! Can you believe that?!

  9. Jojo! I can never make an apple put that comes out just right, yours looks perfect. I see a kitty's face in it, am I crazy? It's cute!

  10. Yum! That pie! It looks.. so pie-ish! My pies never look like they're supposed to :(

  11. These looks so good! I love veggie hot dogs, I have some in my freezer and I am feeling the need to make them right now!x


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