Thursday, 20 October 2011

What I Ate Thursday!

I enjoyed taking pictures of everything I ate a couple of Thursdays ago so I thought I'd do it again today. I slept 'till 11.30 & woke up starving so I started my day with this classic, baked beans on toast.

This bread is just cheap wholewheat from the supermarket & my beans of choice are the Co-Op's Organic Baked Beans. This is my breakfast of choice, I'd eat it every day but I sometimes feel like I should vary it so I do!

For lunch I went for a big plate of leftovers. There's barbecue tofu from Sunday's football food feast, an apple, some kidney beans from the can I opened to make hummus, the last of the pilaf from yesterday & as you can see I won the battle for the last slice of quiche!

This was a pretty great lunch, I'm learning to love leftovers and the quiche was still as amazing as it was yesterday.

For dinner I got Nick to grab a bag of mixed lettuce on his way home from work & I threw together a quick salad. There are chickpeas, again from the hummus, sliced radishes, cherry tomatoes, grated carrot and the dressing from Monday's Sanctuary Chef Salad.

That dressing is still SO yummy, I love it! This would have been a dull salad without it, I think it'd probably make the dullest iceberg lettuce amazing though!

After dinner Nick & I made fun dessert plates! They have Roasted Almond Cookies with Fleur du Sel that I made for the Cookbook Challenge on Tuesday, a square of my favourite Rupunzel Nirwana Noir nut truffle cream chocolate (we have to ration it because you can't buy it in the UK), two Sweet Vegan marshmallows and a Bio Bis spelt chocolate sandwich cookie.

It's been a pretty good day for food given that I haven't needed to cook anything...unless heating up beans counts?! See ya'll tomorrow for New Food Friday!


  1. I've had just plain black beans & salsa on toast for breakfast, but never baked beans. I must try that!

  2. Yes, beans on toast! And your lunch plate! And that cream chocolate looks amazing! Exclamation points R us!

  3. I can't get over how great this food looks.

  4. I wish I had left overs like that in my house! I love that chocolate, it's so so good!! I too have to ration myself, my waistline demands it! It's so easy to eat a lot of it.

  5. I don't know what food to start commenting because it all looks awesome!!

  6. Waaaaaaaaaah? Vegan marshmellows in the UK?! How did I not know about this! Thanks for revealing the vegan holy grail!

  7. I love seeing what people eat each day, I especially like your dessert plates, it looks like a fun idea :)

  8. what a fun post, Jojo! i'm dig'n your beans 'n toast breakfast and i love your mish-mash lunch plate of deliciousness. i think dan and i need to get down with some dessert plates - that sounds gloriously good and looks awesome!

  9. Everything looks so delicious! That is one great looking leftover plate.

    I really miss Nirwana Noir bars! I made mine last a while, but then just ended up shoveling the last four squares in my mouth.


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