Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 12

Okay, so, today was meant to be a cookbook challenge day but I just got tattooed & I can't really put weight on my leg let alone actually cook anything. I'm sorry Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar Roasted Almond Cookies with Fleur de Sel. You sounded delicious & I promise that I'll make you one day.

It's still Vegan MoFo though & as veganism's a pretty big part of my day to day life I still have plenty to write about!

I started the day with baked beans on rye sourdough toast & then boxed up some of the cookies I've been baking to take to my tattoo artist.

He was pretty happy to see these, as was his vegan colleague. My tattoo artist's rad, aside from the fact that he's a shit hot artist he seems to like my ridiculous ideas (you've seen my broccoli right?) & he was happy to source vegan inks for me when I asked him. After the appointment I headed home through the park where I saw my favourite squirrel...

...I've seen this squirrel (at least I like to think it's the same squirrel!) almost every time I've walked through this park since I moved to Brighton almost 10 years ago. The squirrel was there the day I fell asleep drunk in the park on my 20th birthday, the day Nick & I walked to our wedding, the day I met 3 of my bff's at a PPK potluck picnic there & on countless other uneventful days. I've been wanting to get a tattoo of this squirrel for a while now & I think I'm going to have to now that it came to hung out with me whilst I was limping home after getting my latest tattoo.

I also walked via via Infinity Foods to grab snacks. As soon as I got home I piled my snacks onto a tray with the laptop, some magazines & the post that had arrived & headed upstairs to chill out in bed with a My So Called Life DVD.

As you can see I bought some InSpiral kale chips & some mixed vegetable crisps, a sausage roll & some cherry juice. I also grabbed a peach & pear Alpro soya yoghurt from the fridge & there's a black & white cookie in the tin. I'm currently munching my way through all of that!

I also opened my post & kapow, more vegan related stuff! My new cookbooks had arrived!

I've had The Vegan Table on my Amazon wish list for about a year & after flicking through it at a friends the other day I had to buy it. I've also seen countless wonderful pictures of food from Vegan Diner on peoples blogs during MoFo so I thought why buy one cookbook when you could get two?! They're both beautiful books & the pictures have been making me wish that I was up for cooking right now!

Also about an hour ago another awesome vegan-related thing happened. I found out that I won the Veg Fest twitter giveaway! A whole hamper of vegan goodies will be winging its way to me soon!!

It's time for me to go & harass Nick to make me a baguette pizza now! Maybe he'll read this & get the not-so-subtle hint!


  1. Congratulations on the win! I've got Vegan Diner on my wish list too. Will it be going into the recipe generator?

  2. Congratulations on winning a hamper full of goodies - what an AWESOME prize! Your day sounds kinda perfect Jojo, vegan goodies, squirrels, cook books and prizes!

  3. Aww, I wanted to win that hamper! :( But I'm glad someone I know won it! Sounds like a good day!

  4. Well done on the win!
    I love the fact you have a favourite squirrel!
    Maybe he's your little guardian angel!
    Vegan diner sounds good, silly question. Does it have alot of pics? I LOVE cookery books with lots of pics
    p.s. Thanks so much for the lovely tweets about Sisco
    Today has been so lovely seeing her look so content
    And we've decided to get a little tattoo to represent her!!

  5. All your snacks look so so yummy! and I agree with Jeni, your day sounds awesome. I love the squirrel story & picture!
    Congrats on winning the giveaway too, it sounds exciting :)

  6. What a nice squirrel! I love them! I was sitting with a friend in the University parks here a fe weeks ago and there were SO MANY squirrels scampering around. I think it must have been food collecting time. It was super cute. Also, I wish someone would bring me a box of cookies like that! Hope your leg feels better soon.

  7. I'd be happy to see that box coming to me too!
    Yay for squirrels and new cookbooks :)

  8. That sounds like a wonderful day!

  9. Cool squirrel! Sounds like a great day

  10. Even though you didn't get to bake, that sounds like a kick ass day. You're so sweet for bringing cookies to your tattoo artist :)

  11. ahh your post made all warm & fuzzy!! You need a tat of that squirrell!!

  12. Tattoo pics? Also, did the artist accept cookies as payment?

  13. That squirrel is a cutie, I bet he was hoping you'd saved him a biscuit :)

    And yay for new cookbooks and winning vegan goodies!

  14. Vegan Diner is an amazing cookbook! I saw Julie at her cart when I was in Portland, and stood smiling and staring at her like a weirdo until she finally introduced herself.

    Congrats on the win, I hope you blog photos of your loot!

  15. Okay, I had to post all my inner dialogue reponses to this. Here I go *ahem*:
    -You WILL be posting the Almond Fleur de Sel cookies, right? RIGHT??
    -Your tattoo artist must love you for bringing those cookies in! I guess it's an even trade: hot artist for hot cookies :)
    -Broccoli. *snicker* ADORABLE.
    -I LOVE the fact that you like "My So-Called Life". Still remember when it first came on MTV...
    -Love love love The Vegan Table--great cookbook!
    -Congrats on winning the giveaway, lucky :)
    -Heal quickly!
    There. I think I said it all. Phew. xo, Cara

  16. The squirrel was adorable! And those cookies looked delicious! I love your cookbook challenge, what a great idea. xox

  17. Congratulations! Cute squirrel! I hope the tattoo heals quickly! Pics or it didn't happen.

  18. Nice winnings! And nice books.

    I love your SQUIRREL friend! I love SQUIRRELS in general. (In my world, SQUIRREL is always written or sad in capital letters with joy).

    Susan (Blogger sometimes won't let me comment unless I do it as anonymous... why?)

  19. i totally forgot about your broccoli tattoo, Jojo - it's so fork'n awesome!!!

    score on winning (i can't wait to see what they send your way) & get'n new cookbooks (especially vegan diner!) and hooooray for see'n your squirrel friend. he's super adorable - i can't believe he's been around that long. awwwww!

    that's really cool your tattoo artist sources vegan ink for ya & i bet he loooved the cookies. they look mighty fine! i can't wait to see your latest ink!

  20. Awesome tattoo! Your artist sounds like a great dude! I've been thinking about picking up a copy of Vegan Diner. Like you said, everyone's pictures and posts about that book have really intrigued me. Let me know how you like it!

  21. Vegan Diner is so good, you won't regret getting it! I was on the fence about getting it for a while, but it's definitely my favourite book I've bought this year.

    And that squirrel is adorable! Squirrels totally make me want to move to the northern hemisphere.

  22. don't have either of those cookbooks and now i want them.... sounds like a perfect day - i love my so called life.x

  23. Thanks guys! I'll definitely be posting pic's of the hamper once it arrives! I still don't even know what'll be in it! *excited*

    Claire, Vegan Diner does have pictures but I wouldn't say it has loads. It's a really beautiful book though & there are tonnes of pictures of the recipes on peoples MoFo blogs!

    As for tattoo pictures, not yet! It's only half finished but once it's done in December I'll try to get some pic's of it!

  24. That squirrel story is seriously the cutest thing I've ever heard. <3


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