Friday, 14 October 2011

MoFo Hump Day! New Food Friday!

Today is MoFo Hump Day! I'd actually never heard of Hump Day until Kittee mentioned it, but I'm not one to say no to stuff so I signed up to take part anyway! It turns out that Hump Day means the middle of something. Can you believe we're halfway through Vegan MoFo already? I feel like it's going really fast!

Leslie Hall wrote this awesome song to let us celebrate veganism and hump day.

Just incase you'd like to sing along here are the lyrics...

I eat the finest cuisines, in the finest of places Stuff my mouth full and always say thank you. But if it's raised in a cage, and it can't even move, if it's hormone filled and in a bad mood. I'm gonna pass on that. Reach for something better. The only milk I'll drink comes from the nipple of a soy bean. Veggies make you live forever, and they seem to taste much better. when they're cooked and grown with love. So give a chef who knows what's up a hug. Momma just can't seem to get it, Papa he just rolls his eyes. When I tell them I'm much healthier, they just say that it's all lies. But beans, nuts, fruits and veggies can really fill the belly. Get you vitamins you need, shiny hair and extra speed. Don't take that meat-wich any further, I want a marinated, deep fried, hand-tied mushroom burger. I like it! We gotta stand strong for our feathered furry sometimes scaly animal friends and their little babies. 'Cuz I wouldn't want to live in a cage in a dark warehouse killed at an early age. Pumped full of hormones, sleeping in my feces. Never met my mother, raised by machines. Never get sunshine never get green, but that's just me. [That girl loves fruit leather.] So ask us what we're eating. Delicious and repeating, fruits and veggies are so nice. With a slice of tempeh, yes, I'll have that twice. Don't forget the legumes!

Whilst I think that part of the idea of this is to take a day off from regular MoFo blogging & I just couldn't bring myself to skip New Food Friday!

I have decided to go the lazy route though & stick with bread. I um-ed & ah-ed about whether or not this was cheating since I ended up making bread rolls during the cookbook challenge (and then again on Football Food Sunday) but I decided that as I still felt a sense of trepidation about making a proper loaf of bread it definitely counted. Also my leg still aches & I have very exciting Friday night plans that mean a whole lotta cooking is out - sorry tamales!

I picked the Fresh Rosemary Foccacia recipe from Veganomicon because I love focaccia & I thought it'd be amazing to be able to make it myself. This recipe only uses 6 ingredients, everything in the picture plus water, which surprised me as I'd always assumed that fancy-bread would be really complicated!

I keep my salt in the cupcake!

The bread takes around two hours from mixing the ingredients to coming out of the oven and, as I'm noticing is the way with bread, most of that's downtime. Perfect. I think bread might be my new favourite thing to cook!

The bread looks and smells awesome and when I poke it it certainly feels like focaccia but I haven't actually tasted it yet. As you can see from the ingredients in the background I'm about to make the Smoky Split Pea soup from Appetite For Reduction & I'm holding off on tearing into the bread until my friends get here! I'll attempt to remember to take a picture & update this post once we've eaten but there's going to be alcohol & power ballads involved in our evening so I can't make any promises!


  1. Smoky split pea soup you say? That sounds delightful with focaccia.

  2. Love focaccia, and yours looks wonderful!

  3. Looks amazing! Nothing better than freshly baked bread!
    Paul's parent's had a bread maker a few years ago and we all ended up putting on weight because it smelt so amazing and we ate so much! haha
    Smoky Split Pea soup sounds really good, especially now it's cold

  4. mmm, homemade bread and soup, lovely.

  5. oh I bet that bread and that soup went AMAZINGLY well together!

  6. Your focaccia looks great, Jojo, I hope and your friends love it!

    And now I want to make split pea soup, I'm looking forward to your post on it :)

  7. That focaccia is one of my favorites from Vcon!

  8. That bread (and the soup) was so good. I need to dig out veganomicon stat!!


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