Monday 31 October 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 31 - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween MoFo's! I cannot believe Vegan MoFo is over, I'm a little sad about it. It's been so awesome to spend the month trying new recipes, learning to bake bread, stuffing myself with football food, connecting with bloggers (some on a daily basis!) and discovering many wonderful new blogs which I'll be sure to add to my google reader as soon as I get the chance. At the same time this has been kinda hard work & I'm looking forward to having a pretty chilled day tomorrow. I can't promise I haven't already been flicking through my cookbooks deciding what to cook next though. I have an un-carved pumpkin awaiting me and a girl needs to eat! I think I'll be making the butternut apple soup from Appetite For Reduction, I feel like I need to eat something healthy after the crazy food-fest that has been Vegan MoFo!

On Saturday I had a little halloween party, more of a gathering than a party though. Just a few close friends, spooky music & a lot of food. I posted most of the goodies I made in this post but here's a photo of the table which includes the mummy dogs I made.

I typed up a menu using the spookiest font I could find.

My friend Sal from the blog Alien On Toast made amazing Halloween Stuffed Peppers inspired by a post she saw on Wing It Vegan.

Aren't they awesome? My friend Kip, the Messy Vegetarian Cook, made a two bean chilli and Sal made cornbread to accompany it, sadly I didn't get a picture but you can see the chilli topping my hotdog in yesterdays Football Food Sunday post.

There were geeky party games...

...and we carved pumpkins that I'd prepared earlier by cutting off the tops & scraping out all of the seeds.

Mine's the super simple one and the one on the right was carved by my friend Jay, he has the skills!

At around midnight we all headed out into town because it was White Night! White Night's a one night festival that takes place in Brighton and Hove. Things kick off at around 8pm and lots of businesses that usually close at around 6pm stay open until 2 or 3, some until 6 & there are art installations and other fun things to take part in all across the city. We headed to Boho Gelato where I got a tub of Mojito Sorbet.

We tried to get into Red Roaster for late night coffee but they were too full so we wandered the streets and looked at the awesome outdoor art installations like this cool tree...

...which was surrounded by a rope which people had tied their wishes for the future and thoughts about the past and present onto.

The first one I looked at said "I wish the world would go vegetarian", I love Brighton!

The next morning Sal, Kip & I headed out to find breakfast whilst Nick slept. We just went around the corner to Iydea where we each grabbed a Brunch Muffin with a side of hash browns.

I love that you can get a super fast breakfast at Iydea, the Brunch muffins are pre wrapped & ready to go so that you can get the food into you fast!

This toasted English muffin comes with a sausage patty, avocado, tomato and special fruity sauce and only costs £2.20. The hash browns were the perfect combination of grated potato and onion and I think they only cost an extra 95p. This was perfect. Iydea also do two sizes of cooked breakfast, stir fry on toast and beans on toast for vegans. The only disappointing thing about the Iydea breakfast menu is that there aren't enough vegan options compared to the amount of veggie options, the menu's very egg heavy and I think it would be awesome if they'd do a tofu scramble. They could also buy or make some vegan cheese to veganise their Breakfast Hash and their Hash Wrap if they wanted to make me really happy! That said I do really appreciate their speedy breakfast service and this cheap & filling breakfast sandwich was just what I needed on Sunday morning.

I intend to spend what's left of today sitting my my pumpkin filled living room reading blogs, watching George A. Romeros Dead Trilogy and eating leftover apple pie...what a perfect end to MoFo.


  1. White night looks like a lot of fun! Have a good day of rest tomorrow. I've really enjoyed reading your MoFo posts and thanks for all the lovely blog comments.

  2. Oh, it's like a clootie well! I wish I could've been there - that spread looks amazing!

  3. Your Halloween party looks like so much fun, I love the spooky font and the capsicums, so cute!

    That brekky looks good too, if only more places would add vegan options instead of assuming all vegos eat eggs!

  4. Looks so beautiful. I've loved your posts! Thank you for all your hard work! The theme was a great idea!

    I think everyone who did VeganMOFO should all meet up in Hawaii for a well earned holiday! Some 5 star vegan hotel should have a water view and pamper us for a week! :)

    Keep in touch!
    Savannah xox

  5. you are the best, Jojo! happy halloween to you too, my friend! this MoFo has been amazing and i've looked forward to every single one of your posts, especially football sunday eats. :) hooray for a spooky gathering of friends complete with a delicious look'n spread! i love that the first wish you found was "I wish the world would go vegetarian". made my heart melt, 'cause i have the same wish. i wish we were all vegan, fo 'sho. i'm off to bed now, but i sure wish i wasn't so tired because a Romeros Trilogy = the awesomesauce. :)

  6. Yum!!! Happy Halloween. I want a brunch muffin now!

  7. your mofo posts have been utterly amazing!!! deffo think the stuffed peppers are great!! xx

  8. My favourite wish on that rope around the tree was the one where someone wished for a unicorn!! hahaha

  9. Love the party games! And all the food! And the sound of White Night!

    Well done on your mofo-ing, its been amazing!

  10. Hi Jo!

    I am doing my research for a final year project on veganism and was wondering if you'd like to take part? I would just need you to do a brief questionnaire and a concentration task that takes 2 minutes. I will be around this weekend between Friday 4th and Sunday 5th. If you're interested please email me at Thank you!

  11. Love the typed menu at your party. What a super cute display! Sausage patties, avo and tomato...yum!

  12. That food looks amazing, what lucky guests.

  13. LOVE the peppers! Why have I never thought of that? Looks yummy, all of it.

  14. It looks like you guys had a great time, and the food looks delicious! I love this time of year. Halloween is the beginning of a long series of holidays and good food!

  15. Hi Jojo
    I love reading your blog and seeing the lovely things you cook - you've certainly been very busy this last month!Your food looks amazing and I think we'd all like to come to your house for a meal!!!
    Take care.

  16. I love the effort you went to! Really impressive!
    And how sweet is that wish rope?
    I've loved your mofo month!

  17. Oooooooo the mojito sorbet sounds sooooooo good, I gotta get myself down there and get me one!

  18. You made me so jealous of your Halloween fun! I'm so tickled that Sal made the carved peppers! Mr. Wing-It and I recently moved to a new house, so everything has been way too crazy and upside-down for me to actually cook anything too elaborate - which meant no Halloweegan. But it looks like your party kicked butt (you even had geeky party games!!) and I loved enjoying the Halloweegan fun vicariously through you! :)

  19. The stuffed peppers are amazing, and I love the tree art installation.

  20. For the last couple years I've meant to try some of Wing-It Vegan's "Halloweegan" recipes, but I never devote the time to it. Next year, next year...the stuffed pepper jack o' lanterns are too cute!

  21. This looks like such an amazing halloween!

    Zoe xx
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

  22. Nice blog, keep it going.


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