Monday 4 July 2011

Berlin Part II - Ice Cream, Cake, Yoyo & Vego Foodworlds.

I really admire fabulous bloggers like In the Mood for Noodles who manage to blog about their trips whilst they're actually still on them, or even the many other bloggers who manage to put pen to paper as soon as they've unpacked their bags. Sadly I am not one of those bloggers, it's been just under a month since I got back from Berlin! Thankfully the memories of the delicious food haven't gone anywhere...

It was pretty hot when we arrived in Berlin so as soon as we'd dropped our bags off at the apartment we headed out for ice cream. I'd read on Melisser's blog that Caramello Eis was just around the corner from where we were staying so we headed straight there to get our ice cream fix.

Whilst the place isn't entirely vegan we were really excited by the selection as around half of the ice creams & sorbets on offer are vegan. Both Nick & I are huge chocolate fiends so the chocolate praline soya ice cream was the obvious choice. It was seriously the best ice cream I've ever eaten. Just a heads up, if you visit double check the vegan-ness of the waffle cone in my picture, the first three (yes, three! It was hot! I love ice cream!) times we went there we were told that the cone was vegan but on our last visit a different member of staff told us that it wasn't & gave us a different kind of cone. Sometimes this stuff's confusing when you don't really speak the language - I've just started taking online German lessons so I'll be able to communicate better next time I'm there!

After our ice cream we realised that we were hungry for carbs so we headed around the corner to Yoyo Foodworld. We'd heard that this wasn't the best in the chain of 'foodworlds' scattered around Berlin. There's Yoyo, Vego & Yellow Sunshine. Still, as it was the closest to us we decided to give it a try.

We were glad we did, we loved it! We had a ham pizza which came topped with chunks of vegan ham & a generous amount of Cheezly. It had been made in a proper pizza oven too which was great. The guy working there seemed a bit flustered as he was on his own both serving and cooking & the place was pretty busy but we didn't mind a bit of a wait.

After our pizza it was time for cake! We headed around the corner from Yoyo to Cupcake where we picked up these delicious vanilla raspberry cupcakes to eat at our apartment.

These were the same cupcakes Nick & I had when we were on our honeymoon in Berlin last year. The cupcakes were good & I loved the raspberry icing & the cute heart decorations. Cupcake always has options for vegans. Every day you can choose from a cupcake, cute mini banana breads, a chocolate brownie or a slice of apple pie. I wish they had two vegan cupcakes each day because I'm not a vanilla frosting fan & that was the cupcake option on two of the occasions that we visited. We picked up some of the mini banana breads to eat for breakfast the next day.

We'd also popped to Viv the previous day to buy a few breakfast essentials. Margarine, juice, bread etc, I also finished off the strawberries I'd brought to snack on on the plane. Viv is a great bio market with locations all over the city. The stores are full of vegan goodies like Nirwana Noir nut truffle Chocolate, cereals, Wheaty slices, pestos & soya milks.

After our breakfast we headed out to do some sightseeing. We hit up the Pergamon museum & walked around museum island...

...before heading to the Ramones Museum.

It was awesome to see all of the Ramones memorabilia but it was equally cool to see that loads of my favourite bands had visited & signed the wall. We'd built up quite the hunger by this point so we headed towards Prenzlauer Berg to check out Vego Foodworld.

We ordered pizza again because we wanted to compare it to the one at Yoyo & because, well, we love pizza!

This time we went for salami & we also ordered a Schnitzel burger and fries.

The burger's not looking so great in this photo because we removed all of the salad before I remembered to take the photo. Nick's not a salad fan and we decided to play it safe because of the E.coli scare, nobody wants to get sick on holiday! I found the burger bun a little odd, almost sweet tasting, Nick liked it though so I think it must just be me. I'd probably go to Yellow Sunshine next time I wanted a burger in Berlin though.

I couldn't resist ordering the calamari too. What? I was hungry! It was definitely the best I've had, perfectly rubbery & deep fried - yum!

We also picked up a snack for the road. These are delicious but I'm glad they're small because they're pretty sickly!

We were glad we checked out Vego Foodworld but aside from having a cheerier guy working there & perhaps being a little cleaner (but it was a less busy time of day) it wasn't incredibly different from Yoyo Foodworld. I'd definitely recommend them both.

I'm going to be splitting my Berlin adventures into a few posts so as not to overwhelm you, or me. Next time I'll be writing about our visit to a Kosher Bakery, the delicious food at Viasko & the awesome Sudanese food at Nil.


  1. why am i looking at this before i've had lunch, now i want pizza and fries and ice cream, nomnomnom!

  2. Berlin is just the best place in the world and I can't wait to be back there (L) Did you try the vegan kebab?

  3. Glauce we had the vegan kebabs at Voner when we were there on our honeymoon last year, sadly we didn't make it this time, there are just too many awesome options in Berlin!

  4. I'm going to Berlin next week so your post couldn't have come at a better time. Did you happen to spot any gluten free vegan (or even just vegetarian) food anywhere?

  5. Tuuli I can't say I was specifically looking out for gluten free options but I'm pretty sure there were some on the dinner menu at Viasko & at Nil which I'll be writing about in a few days. I'd check out Majas deli too. There was also this health food store which had gluten free vegan muffins so you might have some luck there. Enjoy Berlin!

  6. i am so hungry now! i could go for a vegan cone in the heat over here!

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  8. wow! looks darn bludy good! the pizza looks amazing!!!!! everytime i read your posts, i am starving after!!

  9. Chocolate praline? That sounds so good! When I was at one of their shops I chose some not so great chocolate sorbet. I always had good experiences at Yoyo's, I really love their fries!

  10. Mmmm...looks yum! My friend's sister lives in Berlin and has invited us to come visit so I'll have to keep a note of that places you recommend! I'm glad you had a good time :)

  11. Great food post and I love the idea of the Ramones Museum!

  12. AWW I found you in ''The Vegan Girl's Guide To Life'' and i felt in love with you blog.
    Keep doing what you love darling.
    I follow you for sure.

    ps: the ice cream look so good !
    I wish in Switzerland we've some vegan store, but not.. :(


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