Friday 3 June 2011

Brightons 1st Vegan Bake Sale

We held Brighton's first vegan bake sale last weekend & it was awesome! We had donations from vegan businesses, Ms Cupcake & Titbits Catering alongside fantastic goodies from local bakers. Kip, Holley & I had loads of fun on the day & we ended up raising £480 to be split between Sea Shepherd & local charity the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service.

We set up our stall outside local cafe WaiKikaMooKau, I really appreciate them letting us take up so much of their space on a busy Saturday afternoon, our table ended up having to be double the size I'd agreed with them because we just had SO MUCH stuff.

I made this awesome sign, I have no artistic skills but I'm okay with a pair of scissors & some double sided tape. Is it just me or does it look like it was made by a 5 year old?

Below you can see our cupcake stand with cupcakes made by me & Ms Cupcake, in front of the stand are choco coco oat balls & red pepper, thyme & tofu mini filo pastry quiches made by Laura Dakin the head chef on Sea Shepherd's ship, Spelt Courgette Muffins that I made using the recipe from the Babycakes cookbook, Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cake by a local baker, more cupcakes, my gooey chocolate brownies & gluten free banana breads - another Babycakes recipe.

On the stand at the back are cookies donated by a couple of local bakers. We had double chocolate, peanut butter choc chip & orange. Yum! We packaged some up all pretty...

Here's a close up of the cupcakes! We have Earl Grey Tea & Crunchie by Ms Cupcake and then Peanut Butter Bombshell, Sweetie, Double Chocolate, Candy Cane Joe Joe & Raspberry by my very new business Operation Icing...I think I need to write a whole new blog post about that don't I?!

In the bottom right corner of that picture you can see Kip's delicious Shortbread & the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies she made using the recipe in The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur. Kip also made the Gingerbread Biscotti with a lemon glaze which we were calling "magical sticks" by the end of the day thanks to a suggestion by one of our customers.

Kip also made Giant Peanut Butter Cookies which were really popular & Baked Bean & Cheezly Cornish Pasties, I bought one as soon as I saw them come out of her bag & they were SO delicious. I want to hire her to live in my house & make these for me every day!

Talking of popular, all of the cupcakes were totally sold out by 1:30! Next time I'll make 6 or 7 batches instead of 4.

Sadly I didn't manage to snap any pictures of them but halfway through the day we received a double chocolate & jam layer cake & four, yes four, chocolate cakes to add to our selection of goodies. It was perfect timing as we were just running out of cupcakes.

I'll leave you with a close up of my brownies & a glimpse at my business cards...more about that next time!

Head on over to Kips blog to see more pic's from the day, she even has pictures with people in them!


  1. Congratulations on such an amazing event. It looks like a lot of fun, too!

  2. Well done on making it such a success! I came by and bought an Earl Grey cupcake. It was delicious :D

    Ellie x

  3. Congrats on the bake sale!!! Bake sales are my very favorite kind of sale :-) And I'm dying to hear about your new business!

  4. Congratulations on your new business venture! I hope to follow in your footsteps someday here in NYC. Having a vegan business is wonderful and I admire you for starting yours!

  5. Brilliant, that's a fantastic ammount to raise. Good luck with your new business too!

  6. Awesome job! You rock, girl! I am jealous all the goodies! The sign by the way does not look like a 5 year old, it is very pretty!

  7. OK. I love the sign! It is awesome. I am amazed at the variety of baked goodies. What a great team effort!

  8. Yay for vegan cake sale and supporting the sea shepherd! your business sounds great, hope it goes well, I like the reference to operation ivy! punk rock cupcakes!

  9. Wow it all looks so yummy! I wish I'd found your blog earlier because I live near Brighton and would have loved to try out some of the goodies :( Oh well, hopefully there'll be a next time?


    this sounds like you apply!

  11. What an incredibly colorful and enticing spread! I sure wish I could have been there... I'd buy half of everything on that table, it all looks so good! ;)

  12. That looks so good, and everything so yummy! Congratulations on the success of it!

    Zoe xx
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

  13. Oh looks like a HUGE success! And everything looks so cute & delicious!


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