Tuesday 12 July 2011

Berlin part III - Kadtler, Viasko & Nil.

I woke up on the third day of our trip & wanted to try something new for breakfast so we headed across town to check out a kosher bakery called Kadtler. I'd read about it on Berlin-Vegan & had jotted down all of the possible vegan options so that I would know what to look for. Whilst we queued we spotted a couple of promising things & thanks to the lovely girl working that day speaking a bit of English & my (pretty terrible) German skills we decided to go for the Apfelkuchen.

It was a great pastry. I've always been a big fan of fruity pastries & as they're not something I can get in Brighton they're a real treat. Kadtler is located on Danziger Strasse & this is the sign to look out for.

After breakfast we headed off to a totally different part of town to stock up on goodies at Veni Vidi Vegi. I visited here the first time I was in Berlin back in 2008 so I knew that the shelves were full of Vital Wheat Gluten & loads of delicious mock meats. I was a little disappointed as they were out of stock of my favourite biscuits, a shortbread covered on one side with chocolate, but it was okay because they had Go Max Go bars!

Veni Vidi Vegi isn't far from Viasko so we decided to swing by and check out their lunch menu & boy were we glad we did! Viasko is an entirely vegan place & what the Brit's would call a Gastro Pub, like a pub with beer on tap but with table service which makes it a bit more fancy. I think I am actually in love with whoever cooks the food at Viasko! I wish that they would quit & move to Brighton & become my personal chef. The lunch specials were printed up on a separate menu from the dinner menu & you could choose either two courses for €7.50 or 3 courses for €8.50. I want to know what kind of people would only go for two courses in this situation? Not these people that's for sure!

We both went for the Crostini Variation to start. This is described on the menu as Olive Oil Fried Bread with Olive Cream, Pesto & Tofu and almond "cheese" cream.

It was seriously out of this world good. The little toasts were crispy but not dripping with oil or grease as fried breads often can be and the almond cheese, oh god, the almond cheese. I should have asked for the recipe!

For our main we both chose to have the Lasagne Bolognese. Nick & I have really similar food loves which is awesome when we're cooking at home but sometimes I wish we'd order different things at restaurants so that I could try even more food!

The lasagne was damned good, it had a perfectly baked slightly crisped cheesy topping & had a layer of spinach inside as well as the soya based bolognese. I'll have a hard time not ordering this again if it's on the menu next time I visit.

We managed to pick different desserts so I got to sample both the Peach Pie...

...and the Lemon Tart with a Blueberry Compote.

The desserts weren't on the menu but there was a choice of three different cakes of the day which I think is a pretty good selection. These were both delicious & I'd certainly order them both again. The only thing I was unsure of were the nuts (?) on top of the peach pie, I didn't quite feel they went with the other flavours in the pie but maybe they just weren't to my taste.

That night we headed to Sudanese take out place Nil for dinner & to meet up with Melisser. I'd visited the other Nil location on my first ever Berlin trip & had been dying to go back, even Nick was excited about their signature peanut sauce as I'd been raving about it for years. They have a menu in English & the vegan options are clearly marked which is great when you are unsure of what to order. I went for the Vegan Plate which consists of manioc fries, falafel, the legendary peanut sauce, a bean dish I forget the name of & salad. All for €4!

I'd also recommend the Madagascar tofu pita which is €3 for a huge sandwich, sadly the sandwich doesn't photograph well so you'll just have to use your imaginations. This place is a total bargain so if you're in Berlin & looking for a great budget lunch or dinner option this is the place for you. It's also great because Sudanese food isn't something you find in every city meaning that it's a great place to try something new.

There are two more instalments of our Berlin adventure to come, next time I'll be writing about what we did on my birthday*.

*hint, there's a lot of dessert involved!


  1. I really shouldn't look at that much food porn when I'm hungry!!

  2. Your food travel posts are great. That gastro pub sounds amazing!

  3. those desserts look fab!! and so does all the other food! it deffo food porn lol

  4. Ack, now I almost wish I didn't stumble upon your series of Berlin posts... My parents are going to do a little getaway there in exactly a week... without me! Ugh, so horribly jealous (and hungry)...

  5. Yum!
    I really want lasagne now!

  6. Everything looks so incredibly good! I just ate about an hour ago but these pictures make me hungry

  7. Jojo, this post almost made me tear up thinking back to our Berlin trip and our trip to Nil and everything else! You look gorgeous, by the way! xo

  8. Berlin is the best place ever and I'm so glad I'm going back there next week. I have to go to Viasko, haven't been there yet. And of course, the new supermarket (L)


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