Sunday, 24 July 2011

Berlin Part V - Making the most of our last day.

On our last morning in Berlin we took a walk around the neighbourhood we'd been staying in & stumbled upon a large health food store called Bio Company. As soon as we walked in we saw the fresh bread & cakes, of course I headed straight over there looking for any sign of veganess. I wasn't disappointed as they label their vegan options very clearly.

I wasn't sure what these little buns were but we picked one up anyway, sadly they turned out to be quite bland. They were soft & slightly sweet though so I think if you were in possession of something like a tub of Chocoreale they could certainly become something delicious. We also spotted vegan chocolate muffins & took one to go...

...from a distance it looked so promising but sadly this was probably one of the worst things I've ever put in my mouth. I wish things like this didn't exist as it makes people think vegans are crazy people who like dry, hard, hideous baked goods. If you're starving & this place has sold out of everything else vegan then maybe give it a go but don't say I didn't warn you!

Thankfully the store which is located in Friedrichshain on the corner of Rigaer Strasse & Voigtstrasse has shelves lined with vegan goodies from soya milk's & puddings... mock meats of all kinds, ready to eat falafel, tofu's & spreads.

There are 5 or 6 Bio Company stores located in and around central Berlin so definitely keep a look out for them if you're on the hunt for vegan food.

For our last meal in Berlin we headed straight for Yoyo Foodworld. It happened to be en route from our apartment to the bus stop, perfect when you don't want to have to go to far with a bulging suitcase. Also, their pizza's are so good that I really wanted another one.

This time I chose the Hawaiian, this is the pizza I always make at home. I always used to think pineapple on a pizza was weird & gross but somehow since going vegan my taste buds have changed to allow me to enjoy the deliciousness that is warm fruit on pizza. Another bonus to this newfound love is that Nick still detests pineapple on pizza which means more for me!

After lunch we decided to pay Caramello Eis one last visit & I decided to go crazy & try something different from the usual chocolate praline soya ice cream that had become my regular order. Of course I stuck to chocolate but this time opting for the sorbet.

It was good but not as good as the ice cream. It was more refreshing though and it was a proper dark bitter chocolate which I certainly enjoyed.

I'd been waiting all week for Cupcake to make a chocolate cupcake so I was super excited to spot this beauty behind the counter when we popped in on our way to the airport. We'd just eaten all of that pizza & ice cream so we saved it for the plane.

For some reason if there's going to be an empty seat on a plane it'll be next to Nick and I. I don't know if it's our ridiculous hair or my tattoo's and piercings but I think people find us intimidating. I'm certainly not complaining but it makes me laugh because surely there's nothing less intimidating than a couple eating cupcakes and watching Gossip Girl!


  1. On the brightside though...more room! I hate when people sit next to me on the plane. haha Not enough room in those tiny seats anyway.

  2. wow! Berlin seems amazing!
    That pizza looks soooo goood!

  3. It's such a shame when vegan baked goods are bad :( my friend baked chocolate cake for me once and it was awful, but I did really appreciate the sentiment and wolfed down a slice so she wouldn't know! I probably sound like such a b*tch!

  4. That Pizza looks amazing, I haven't been to Berlin since about 2006. We loved that punky Pizza place near Rosenthaler Platz where the walls are covered in Band signatures. Then there was Maja's deli, which at the time was the only fully vegan place there. We lived off Dada Falafel. Next time I go to Berlin, I'll be chewing for your recommendations first!

  5. I've been thoroughly enjoying your Berlin posts and drooling over all the yummy food! I would kill for some soya pudding right about now. Oh! Or yogurt!

    A silly question: What do you do when you buy something like that chocolate muffin? I hate to waste any food, so sometimes I'll try to eat it anyways, but I also hate to fill my stomach with less-than-delicious food. Dilemma. Feed it to the birds?

  6. Hey Jojo! Yummy Berlin eats! :-) Here's the link to the lady's Etsy page who has the vegan dishes. It looks like she's out of the dishes now, but she has some awesome vegan bowls and wall signs:

  7. I think Berlin is one of the most vegan friendly city I have ever been, there is simply so much choice! :)


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