Monday, 25 July 2011

Brighton Bakery Operation Icing

So, whilst I'm good at writing reviews of other vegan businesses & praising the brilliant cupcakes made by other people I'm not so great at blowing my own horn. My little business Operation Icing was featured on wonderful new blog Vegans On The Move today so I thought that it was about time I wrote about it here.

I quit my job last year, I'd been working as a body piercer for 4 years & I'd started to hate everything about it to the extent that it was making me really miserable so I decided that it was time for a change.

I'd wanted to work for a vegan business or an animal rights charity for ages but I also loved the idea of working from home so I decided to set up a not for profit bakery. I bake everything myself in my tiny kitchen & I love every minute of it!

I'm going to let the interview on Vegans On The Move give you the lowdown on the business & just let the pictures speak for themselves here...

Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Mini Donut.

Double Chocolate Dream.

Coconut Lime.


Speculoos Caramel Cookie.

Bourbon Biscuit.

If you live in or around Brighton and like to eat cupcakes and donate money to wonderful charities then please check out my website!


  1. OMG! You had me at that photo of the cupcake topped with a donut! I need to move to Brighton so I can order, like, five dozen of those from you!

  2. Every one of those cupcakes looks amazing!!

  3. A cupcake with a donut on top? YES PLEASE! If I were to stop by Brighton (sadly, it's a bit off on my route back to London from Cornwall), I would stop by for one or two of those cupcakes.

  4. Yum!

    I'm based in Brighton so will definitely be keeping my eyes open for your cakes in local cafes. Might have to treat myself to a direct order sometime too!

    Good luck with it all- it really is a fantastic idea.


  5. those all look so yummy! 2 of each please!

  6. great interview and stunning cakes. The donut cupcake is inspired!

  7. Your cupcakes look amazing! Sorry to hear you weren't enjoying your job, but I'm glad it led to cupcakes. Donuts on top of cupcakes is an excellent idea! x

  8. This is amazing, I am so glad you found your dream job. :) I wish I lived closer, because I would love to have ready access to your cupcakes! I want them!

    Also... you have now rocketed Berlin up my list of places I need to visit.

  9. Hey, I wondered if you were the same JoJo who did my conch piercing a few years back. Sorry to hear the job was getting to you, but glad you're moving on to something better. Do you make the doughnuts from scratch as well as the cupcakes?

  10. They look amaaaazing, well done on following your dream and supporting charities, what a superstar!

  11. This looks amazing. I love Japanese food so much!x


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