Tuesday 29 January 2013


Walking around The Lanes last month I spotted a new restaurant on Prince Albert Street advertising fresh handmade sushi and Japanese skewers. Obviously I grabbed a menu on my way past. When I found the menu in my bag a couple of days later I was excited to see that the vegan options were marked & I headed straight there to check them out.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Miso Zoup with Tofu, perfect food for when you're feeling under the weather.

This was a pretty decent bowl of soup and it was way larger than I was expecting. I can never resist Inari so of course Nick & I ordered those too. 

These sweet rice filled bean curd pouches are one of my favourite foods in the world and these were fantastic. These little inari's were plump and full of flavour. I'll definitely be going back to order these again, they're some of the best in Brighton.

Next up we tried both vegan Kushi options, the grilled mushroom skewers and the grilled tofu skewers. We ordered both so that we could compare them and the tofu was the clear winner.

Whilst I liked the sauce on the mushroom it was a little dry & chewy, I don't think it had been marinated before being grilled. The tofu on the other hand was awesome, a massive slab of fried tofu covered in delicious sweet miso sauce. Next time I'll be ordering two of the tofu skewers and skipping the mushroom especially as they both cost the same.

Another Japanese favourite of mine is Avocado Hosomaki and Zushi's were great. No unnecessary mayo hiding between the nori and the rice and they were nicely sized and good value for money at £2.

Zushi's a great new addition to Brighton's vegan eating scene. I really like that they're knowledgeable about vegan options and that they label what's vegan. When I emailed them they assured me that heir dashi is made from kombu & they gave me a full a list of their vegan or veganisable options, some things are labelled vegetarian on Zushi's menu when they are either vegan already or easily modified to become so. Here's the list:

Vegetarian Wrap - vegan if you replace the usual sauce with vegan temaki sauce
Vegan Chotto
Cucumber Hosomaki
Avocado Hosomaki
Cleanse Zoup
Seasonal Mushroom Kushi
Tofu & Spring Onion Kushi
Tofu Zalad - vegan if you change the dressing
Vegan Don

Zushi's quick service has made this sushi spot one of Nick's favourite places to grab lunch and he informs me that they've recently started to reduce the throwaway packaging by putting your order into one box if possible. I'm planning on heading there after my tattoo appointment later for some inari & maki rolls, yum!


  1. Ooh this looks great! I'm always looking for new places to try - especially sushi!

  2. Everything looks delicious, the inari in particular. There is something so satisfying about fried tofu.

  3. Ooh it all looks yum! I wish we had more forward thinking places like that around here. Tattoo appointment sounds interesting, hope we get some pics! :)

  4. So exciting to see more Japanese vegan options! It's my most favorite set of flavors after all. I would absolutely order two or three of those tofu's, should I ever visit. Gives me another reason to consider it, for sure! ;)

  5. I'm also a huge inari and avocado roll fan! We have a place here that also does a xgfx tempura--my favorite is the kabocha squash. So good!


  6. God, I could live on inari alone and be happy! Those look soooo good!

  7. Looks fabulous. I love sushi--but I can't bring myself to eat much when it's this cold. That soup would definitely do the trick.

  8. Now you made me want sushi! Miso soup, inari and avocado rolls for everyone!

    I really have to make sushi one day :-)

  9. Does the fact that I've never had a bowl of miso soup make a bad vegan out of me? Hi Jojo! Sorry I suck at commenting regularly. I hope you are doing well.

  10. I've never tried vegan sushi, these look great. Just wish there were more veggie restaurants in other parts of the country!

  11. [ Smiles ] Looks delicious and I am sure that it is a healthy too!


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