Sunday, 20 January 2013

Barcelona adventures: Part 3

Whilst having lunch at the Cardinal branch of Juicy Jones one day we spotted this amazing looking brunch menu. As soon as we saw it we knew we'd be going back...

After a slightly confusing conversation about honey, this place is vegan and they only had agave but kept calling it honey! We ordered the brunch plate.

It came with waffles, a yoghurt and granola parfait with apples, a muffin, orange juice, little PB&J toasts, coffee & juice. As they had no decaf I opted to have mine without coffee & they gave me an extra large parfait to make up for it! I'm a sucker for any kind of brunch or breakfast combo plate and this was no exception, it was a great start to the day.

After an afternoon at the Fundació Joan Miró we worked up an appetite & were ready to do some serious eating. We went back to Gopal where I ordered a burger with a side of potatoes & spicy sauce.

Their burgers are very high up on my favourite burgers in the world list, I love the quality of the buns and the simplicity of the filings, these were a hit every time. I thoroughly enjoyed the fried potatoes too, I mean you can't really go wrong with potatoes and oil, but the spicy sauce was a little on the hot side for me and I let my dining companions devour the ones that had touched it!

We also got cake. I mean, how could you resist this?

This piece of raspberry topped, pistachio mousse filled, vanilla sponge has to be the fanciest vegan cake I've ever eaten. It was just beautiful and I didn't want it to end, the cake itself was quite dense without getting even remotely close to being dry, the mousse was amazingly light and fluffy and I can't even comprehend how they made the amazing raspberry topping. Just, wow!

For our last meal in Barcelona we had planned to go back to Gopal but it was ridiculously busy and we had a lot of stuff with us so we decided to give Vegetalia Restaurante a try as it's just two or three doors down on the same side of the square.

I ordered the burger in a bun with salad and got the burger with rice and salad. It looked pretty good & I couldn't be bothered to get them to change it so I ate it anyway.

It was okay, not amazing but not bad. Perhaps more the kind of thing that I might throw together on a weeknight at home rather than order in a restaurant. I probably wouldn't hurry back to Vegetalia Restaurante as I think that there are much more exciting healthy options in town.

When we saw that Gopal had emptied out a bit after our meal we decoded to pop in for dessert.

This cake was almost as amazing as the first one I tried, I didn't really think you could beat the pistachio raspberry combo but this chocolate mousse cake came awfully close. It was such a perfect end to our trip.

I love hanging out with Melanie & Carmen and this was the first time that we had hung out somewhere that wasn't where any of us live. It was super fun & right now I'm wishing we were still there.


  1. Those cakes look absolutely AMAZING!!! And I love brunch too. :-)

  2. I haven't got much of a sweet tooth, but those cakes look amazing!
    and that burger too!
    Your blog always makes me hungry!

  3. Gorgeous cakes. I am wondering about the too-spicy hot sauce... It looks great with the potatoes.

  4. Reading this made me want to be back in Barcelona. The first time I went there I discovered Juicy Jones and loved it and Gopal didn't exist. I went a couple months ago and went to Gopal and OMG! love love love their burgers! Next time we are there I'm going to beg them to write a cookbook so I can buy it.

  5. Amazing, especially the cakes - great pictures to make our mouths water.

  6. How is it that you always seem to find the most amazing cakes to eat? They're just incredible!

  7. wow! the cakes look devine - the rasp/pistachio one is so pretty! and don't get me started on that brunch plate! :-)

  8. Well that does it. Barcelona is no on my hit list of places to visit, and soon. It's such a beautiful place, rich in history, but I always wrote it off as being extremely vegan-unfriendly... I've never happier to be wrong!

  9. Hi Jojo and friends!!

    I'm Carla Salas, and fyi those cakes are made by us : Lujuria Vegana!!
    We are a vegan company with the same values and aims that all of you. We are thinking on inaugurating a Lujuria Vegana Café shop in Brighton!

    Would you help us to locate the store, etc?? thanks for the advices:)

    Take a look to our patisserie!

  10. Hi Carla! Your cakes are so amazing & it would be wonderful if you had a cafe/shop n Brighton! I'd love to help you out in any way I can, I'll e-mail you asap!



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