Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Need Sweets?

As I'm sure you know companies sometimes offer to send bloggers stuff to review. Usually I say no unless it's something I already love because I'd hate to feel like I was selling my readers something that I wasn't fully behind. So, when  vegetarian online sweetie company Need Sweets got in touch and offered to send me a package of vegan candy I paused for a second and then jumped at the chance. There was just no way I could refuse! 

Need Sweets sell both of my favourite brands of marshmallows, Sweet & Sara and Sweet Vegan, as well as fudge, gummies and hard candies like these fun candy tools.

I decided that having marshmallows in the house meant that it was the perfect time to break out out the chocolate fountain. This is the first time we've used it since Nick & I got married three years ago!

It was a perfect way to eat the marshmallows, whilst there's a special place in my heart for my teenage way of toasting them on the end of a fork over a candle, you really cannot beat something chocolate covered. It was a little much for the fudge though which is best enjoyed straight up or on top of a double chocolate cupcake.

Need Sweets currently have flying saucers on a buy one get one free offer so if you've been craving a sweet treat now's the time to pounce. Need Sweets are also open to ideas of what to carry in the online store so if you have any suggestions drop them an e-mail.


  1. If someone offered me free vegan candy I would completely flip out. I love candy so much it's crazy. CANDY!

    Also, I love your chocolate fondue fountain! That is some seriously styley dessert snacking!

  2. [ Smiles ] Vegan candy is nice.

  3. Ooooh fudge! I might have to try some of that, it looks good :) So does your funky fondue!

  4. That looks like a sugary oasis of bliss . I'll be sure to check them out .


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