Thursday, 15 September 2011


I recently took a super short trip to Vienna to see The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a band I've wanted to see live for over 10 years. The show was SO amazing & the trip had the added bonus of getting to hang out with my awesome friends Carmen & Melanie & getting to eat some delicious vegan food.

It was ridiculously hot so we decided to meet up at Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, one of Vienna's famous ice cream houses.

They have 3 tubs of vegan ice cream to choose from, each has 2 flavours & they're all delicious. You can choose from almond/pistachio, raspberry/nougat or chocolate/hazelnut. I always go for the almond/pistachio, sometimes with a side of chocolate/hazelnut! Sadly I didn't get a picture of the the ice cream this time. It was so hot, I didn't want it to melt! Here's a pic from last year...

After our starter of ice cream we headed to new ice cream place Eis Greissler for our main course of more ice cream!

Eis Greissler is an organic & vegetarian ice cream store with a good selection of vegan flavours. As you can see by how melty this ice cream is it really was crazy hot in Vienna!

I managed to try something new at Formosa on this trip, I usually stick to my favourite Fish & Chips with a side of Calamari but after trying some of my friend Melanie's Pancake with Ham, Cheese & Fresh Herbs I made everyone head back there the next day so that I could have this dish all to myself.

It was so good! Just thinking about it now is making me wish that I was back there! The fresh herbs are cooked into the pancake & it's filled with sautéed carrots & cabbage alongside the vegan ham.

We also managed to squeeze in a visit to another ice cream place with a tonne of vegan sorbet options. Eissalon Armando is located in the 7th district & is definitely well worth a visit if only for their Mojito sorbet...

...Yep, that's right, Mojto sorbet!! The lime & fresh mint infused sorbet was out of this world & I loved having such an exciting flavour option. I had it alongside a scoop of Rhubarb & one of Lemon both of which I'd also order again. This was the perfect refreshing treat on a hot day. It's worth noting that the Mojito sorbet was in a freezer out the back on the day we visited so if you visit make sure to ask for it even if you don't see it.

I'm sure I'll be back in Vienna one day soon so if you've been let me know if there are any must eats that I've been missing out on!


  1. All of that melty vegan ice cream deliciousness looks awesome.

  2. I've been to Vienna, but didn't realise they had so much vegan Icecream!!

  3. Oh dear, so much ice-cream! It looks so good!

  4. I really wish I had ice cream at home!!
    I miss you!!

  5. you should definitely try the vegan pastries from "bäckerei waldherr" - which is an organic bakery. hmmm spelt croissants with or without raspberry filling and chocolate and other vegan stuff.
    they are located on "naschmarkt" and you can also buy the stuff at MARAN the big organic store at different locations in vienna.

    there are some other vegan restaurants as well - like loving hut, landia, ... but formosa is always a good shot for cheap and fast food :-)

  6. I miss Eis Greissler so much!

  7. Brighton's Boho Gelato (Pool Valley) do a vegan mojito sorbet as well as a few other flavours.

    They also sell tubs of it in Pizzaface.

  8. Every time I see one of your posts from Vienna, I get so nostalgic for our trip! I can practically taste that ice cream.

  9. Thanks Smilla, I love those croissants. They're definitely a must eat when I'm in Vienna.

    Maria, thanks for the tip off! I went there today, blog post coming soon!


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