Friday, 16 September 2011

London - Camden

I've been visiting Camden a few times a year for about 10 years, I used to go up there to to go to clubs but these days I'm all about the food! Well that & a trip to All Ages Records! Inspiral Lounge is always top of my list for Camden eats, this all vegan joint does a mean lasagne & they make my favourite mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Last time I was in London Nick & I headed there for breakfast. I'm never one to say no to a Full English Breakfast & this one was no disappointment.

It's not often you get an English breakfast in the UK that comes with tofu scramble, in fact this was the first non-homemade tofu scramble I'd ever eaten. The sausages that came with the breakfast were very similar to their meaty counterparts, they had a skin on them just like a meaty sausage but of course they were filled with more delicious things! The mushrooms & hash brown were very enjoyable & the tomatoes were cooked correctly, not too mushy & not almost raw. The only thing I didn't like about this breakfast was the beans, they were too tomatoey for my tastes & there were far far too many of them meaning that I had to leave some & I hate wasting food.

On this visit I discovered that InSpiral make a darn good juice. This is their apple, pear, carrot & orange juice.

I'm not usually a vegetables in juice kinda girl but this was sweet enough that it hid the carroteyness which was a definite bonus.

InSpiral Lounge also make Cookies. Really REALLY good cookies.

I still can't decide whether I prefer the Chocolate Chip or the Double Chocolate Chip so Nick & I usually buy both and split them.

Thanks to InSpiral I also have a new obsession, kale chips.

These Cheesie Purple Corn kale chips are awesomely noochy & crunchy. I never really thought I'd be into munching on dehydrated veggies but these are SO good that I've been getting through two or three tubs a week. Thankfully they sell them in Infinity Foods which means I don't have to travel up to North London for my fix!

I'd heard about new (to me) vegan & gluten free bakery Cookies & Scream on Twitter & their baked goods sounded so great that we had to pay them a visit.

It took us a while to find the stand in Camden market because we were looking in the wrong place but they were well worth the walk.

We both decided to go for a brownie which I can assure you was fantastic. I did take a picture but it was so bad that it really didn't do this delicious treat justice. I don't often eat gluten or refined sugar free baked goods, not because I have a bias against them but because they're not something I often see, perhaps I'm not looking hard enough?! I will definitely be heading to Camden to visit the Cookies & Scream stand again & I would urge any London visiting blog readers to do the same.


  1. I'm so going to get that breakfast! It looks so good!
    I'd never heard of Cookies & Scream, will check them out

  2. ooh yes, those Inspiral kale chips are ace. I was delighted to find them in my local health food shop in Manchester too.

  3. I've been to both these places, Inpiral is definetly my Number One favourite vegan restaurant. The meals are HUGE (though not that cheap) and they do so many products, from alchohols to icecreams to cakes, to spinach gnocci to crisps and kale chips... Urgh your post made me VERY VERY hungry. I need to go there again!
    Plus I got a coconut sandwich cookie from that stand once. YUM. You've reminded me a visit to Camden is in order.

    PS. Been stalking your blog for ages, love it.

  4. I never had a vegan sausage with skin on! I wonder how they did that. I bet it's great for the sausage to stay moist and crispy.

  5. Love the site Jojo.

    I have been dying to go to Cookies and Scream.


  6. That brekkie looks amazing. I still need to go to inspiral!!

    Liking the new blog look, babes!

  7. Miss the yummy ice cream at inspiral. That new place looks great and perfect for me since I can eat everything!

  8. I can't wait to try the kale chips -
    another thing I'll have to make room for in my suitcase.


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