Saturday, 24 September 2011

Terre a Terre & WaiKikaMooKau.

I know I said I'd be blogging about Mallorca next but as I mentioned in my last blog post it was mine & Nick's 7 year anniversary this week & we ate so much delicious food that I couldn't hold off on blogging about it any longer. We often use our anniversary as an excuse to travel to another city but this year we decided to spend the day hanging out in Brighton.

We started the day off with breakfast at WaikikaMooKau. I'd heard they'd added a new vegan dish to the menu so we had to try it out; Pancakes with Cinnamon Baked Apples, Bananas & Golden Syrup.

I'm ridiculously excited that you can fiiiiinally get vegan pancakes in Brighton! I really enjoyed this breakfast, the baked apples were especially delicious, but I wasn't a fan of the random mint that was sprinkled all over it. It seemed like an odd choice. Aside from that though I thought everything else went together really well. Also whilst I am a huge fan of golden syrup I'd be interested to know why they chose that to accompany the dish rather than the traditional maple syrup that comes with the non-vegan pancakes. I'll have to ask them next time!

After breakfast we went for a walk & spent some time on the Pier.

We payed A LOT of Skeeball & shot some hoops! The pier's awesome because you get to play the games which is fun but then you also get tickets to claim prizes which makes it doubly awesome!

After the fun of the pier we went for lunch at one of our favourite places, Terre a Terre. We decided to share a starter so that we could be sure to fit in dessert & we went for the classy option of a bowl of chips with a side of Smokey Mayonnaise.

These aren't just any old chips though, oh no, these are Hand Cut Truffle Chips. They come with a fantastic Caesar dressing but their Smokey Mayonnaise is so delicious that we had to get that as well.

I decided to branch out (from my usual Rosti) to try out one of Terre a Terre's new dishes for my main course, the Mai Fun Salad.

This chilled noodle & raw vegetable salad comes with toasted cured tofu, pomegranate beads & wasabi cashews. I'm a huge fan of raw noodles & I love that they were mixed in with the black rice noodles. The white miso & mirin dressing surrounding the dish was also excellent. I'd definitely order this again, I actually loved not being uncomfortably stuffed after my starter & main for a change meaning that I had plenty of room for dessert.

And boy I was glad I'd left room for dessert! This was seriously the most beautifully presented dish anyone's ever put in front of me.

This dessert, described on the menu as a Jammy Dodger, Jelly and Ice Cream, was so much more beautiful than I was expecting. The almond milk vanilla custard was so delicious, it was more of a perfect light foam than what I think of when I imagine custard. The jelly was bursting at the seams with fresh raspberries & was thicker & smoother than any jelly I'd ever tried before. The Jammy Dodger, a gluten free biscuit, was, of course, homemade, and the strawberry ice cream was much more like a sorbet than an ice cream which I was very pleased about as I'm not really a fan of ice creams that are not either nut or chocolate based. Another delight on the plate was a fantastic basil syrup, it complemented every element of the dish perfectly & was fantastically sweet. I really hope that this is still on the menu next time I visit because I can't stop thinking about it!


  1. All the food is beautiful but the dessert looks divine!

  2. That all looks amazing! And that dessert... wow. I want to go back!

  3. Pancakes! They look brill! Weird about the golden/maple syrup thing though!

    I had the jammy dodger dessert thing at terre a terre a few weeks ago, and I was also blown away. Delicious!

  4. Skeeball! And you had the exact same meal that I had when we went to Terre a Terre.

  5. What fun! Happy belated anniversary to the both of you!


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