Sunday 9 August 2009

London - Part II

Yesterday was my oldest friends hen day, we picnicked in Hyde Park and went to see a performance of Euripides Helen at Shakespeare's Globe. As a bridesmaid I got to have a hand in planning the day and when she said she wanted to go to a hippyish cafe with cocktails, smoothies & cake I knew of just the place, InSpiral Lounge in Camden.

As soon as we arrived I saw the ice cream and asked if any of it was vegan, the reply... it all is! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw mint chocolate chip...I couldn't wait and before the group decided what to order I'd scarfed down one of these... was seriously delicious, just like the mint choc chip I vaguely remember from before I was vegan. The ice creams at inSpiral are made with a cashew and coconut base and some are raw, similar to the Booja Booja ice cream I love.

Then we ordered even more ice cream...a lot more!

Now we weren't exactly sure what all the flavours were but above I think we had (anti clockwise) mint chocolate chip, mango sorbet, berry sorbet and then a few we were unsure of! Below there was a whole lot of unsure. We knew we had chocolate in the centre and then we believed there was a rum & raisin, a cookies and cream and some nutty flavours alongside a lavender ice cream.

The mint chocolate chip was, in my opinion, the best by far but I also really enjoyed the sorbets, the chocolate and the one we thought was rum & raisin.

After our ice cream feast we ordered some chocolates.

There were a lot of us and I only got to try one but it was pretty darned good. All the chocolates at inSpiral are raw, handmade and delicious.

As if that wasn't enough food I couldn't not have a brownie.

There were loads of desserts to choose from, there were cookies, cake's and cupcakes but as I'd enjoyed the mint ice cream so much I went for a mint chocolate brownie. This was sticky, gooey and on the cakey side of the brownie spectrum. It was delicious and had just the right amount of mintyness.

I hadn't expected this place or the hen day to be quite so vegan friendly and I'm looking forward to going back to Camden to try some of inSpiral's non dessert options.


  1. God I LOVE Camden so much. Inspirals sounds awesome and SO MUCH ICE-CREAM!!
    I am positively drooling here.

  2. I'd love to go there !
    Too bad I can't : (

  3. Um, WHOA! Insane! So pretty too, with all the flavors in one bowl. Lucky!

  4. ooh I have their website bookmarked as I am dying to go there next time I'm in camden!!

    all that ice cream looks sooo good and so does that brownie. yum!!

  5. ooh... I'm so jealous! I was just saying how I totally miss walking into an ice cream shop and getting scoops of different things... it all looks so good!!

    hehe... sugar overload!

  6. oh my god- you happened on that ice creamy vegan goodness by accident! how cool! and, I'm sitting here melting, wishing I could close my eyes and be in London to try a little of all those flavors!!

  7. Now I'm wishing we'd had our trip to London after all! I'm so envious of people who can walk around eating icecream on a hot day...

  8. Rum and Raison ice cream!!!
    I still haven't tried this place, I really want to!x

  9. Oh man, that is SO cool! I would be having an ice cream feast too!

  10. Wow, that is my kind of hen party! Those ice creams look so pretty and pastel. I would have loved to try a vegan mint chocolate chip, that's definitely one that's hard to find around here.

  11. Oh my gosh, so much vegan ice cream! That has to be the best hens day, ever!

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