Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Camping, Infinity Cafe, Pompoko and a PPK meet up.

My boyfriend and I went camping again we only went for a couple of days this time and we went to a campsite that was only about half an hour away from our house but we just fancied being out in the countryside. Unfortunately it rained almost the whole time we were there so we spent most of the time hanging out in the tent eating.

We took a package of chreesy mash that I'd bought back from my trip to America with us, perfect camping food when served up with hot dogs!

We also made an awesome stir fry with Cauldron marinated tofu pieces, veggies and Sharwoods straight to wok noodles.

This weekend we had an awesome PPK meet up and I got to hang out with awesome bloggers Alien on Toast and The Messy Vegetarian Cook as well as three other lovely PPKers. We had a potluck in the park and there was so much food.

I made the Vegan Brunch quiche again, it's quickly becoming one of my favourites. I also adapted the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World recipe for mint chocolate cupcakes and turned it into a layer cake filled and topped with mint Newman O's, mint icing, quick melty ganache and some mint chocolate skulls. I also couldn't resist making some Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World peanut butter cupcakes so I could use my super cute cupcake toppers from Bake It Pretty.

Everyone brought amazing food and below are The Messy Vegetarian Cook's Arabic mezze foods, holylopez's tempeh bacon and Alien on Toast's seitan sausages and peanut noodles, she also brought some delicious cookies which I didn't get a picture of.

Below are The Messy Vegetarian Cook's home baked pittas, holylopez's chocolate brownies, my Veganomicon Brooklyn Deli Macaroni Salad, interrobang?!'s quinoa salad and VCTOW jelly donut cupcakes and the_purple_peril's fruit.

It was loads of fun meeting all these awesome veggie ladies, hopefully we can do it again soon. I was lucky enough to have one PPKer Interrobang?! to stay for the whole weekend so there was time for more fun and food.

We went for dinner at The George on Saturday evening but it was too dark to take any pictures, we both had yummy George burgers though which I've blogged about before.

Sunday morning I made some tofu scramble which we had on toasted whole wheat English muffins with sausages on the side.

I used the vegan mom tofu scramble recipe from the Vegan Dad blog, I love this recipe because it's really creamy and I made it even eggyer by adding a 1/4 tsp of black salt.

We went to the Infinity Cafe for cake once we'd walked off the brunch strolling along the pier. I went for the coffee and walnut cake and it was totally delicious, really moist with a great coffee flavour.

Interrobang?! had the chocolate gateaux which also looked pretty yummy.

Then for dinner we met up with Nick and went to Pompoko where we all ordered my favourites from the time I went there with my friend Tabitha. The Yubamaki...

...and the Sesame Tofu Don.

All in all it was a great weekend and it's made me even more excited to meet up with old and new friends when I go on my next adventure to Vienna in October.


  1. Hooray for camping! I hope I get to go again this summer. All your camp food looks scrumptious! Food tastes ten times better outside.

  2. That all looks so awesome, it is making me hungry. I hadn't come across the messy vegetarian website before, looks like there are some great recipes, thanks for the link!

  3. PPK meet up! The food looks great.

  4. Delicious photos! That meet up looks like so much fun, it makes me want to have a big picnic right here and now. :)

  5. We definitely have to do another meet up soon, I had loads of fun. I also told my friends that I want to move to Brighton and am in the process of convincing them that they want to as well!! hahaha.

    ooh I saw the Infinity cafe when we were walking back from the pav gardens! I wondered what it was like, those cake look so flippin good!!

  6. wow, gorgeous food!

  7. ooh.. I'm always so impressed/jealous of your camping/cooking prowess! My friend just did a post on campfire cooking too... http://reclaimingresistance.blogspot.com/2009/07/so-simple-even-caveman-could-do-it.html... gah... drool drool...

    hehee... oh yeah... and your cake looks AMAZING!!!

  8. What a fun time! PPK potlucks and camping! Those mint skulls and deer cuppy toppers may be the two cutest things I've ever seen!

    Where'd you find the mint skulls? I need some if I can find them on the internet or at a store over here.

  9. Sal you totally have to move to Brighton, that'd be awesome!

    Mihl, I'm going to PM you on the PPK about chocolate!

    Bianca I made the mint skulls myself using a melted mint chocolate bar mixed with a little soy cream and then I poured it into my skull ice cube tray. If you can't find one over there I can always send you one so just let me know!

  10. awesome stuff, awesome entry!
    it will be so great to get to hang with you in Oct!

  11. I've just had lunch and gorged myself so much that I thought I will never eat a-ny-thing again in my whole life...but your pics make me hungry again ;) Yummy...MEGA-YUMMY ;)

  12. WOW! I don't even know where to start. All the food at the PPK meetup looks soooo good, and that chocolate cake, and oh the tofu.....YUM!

  13. Love the camping food! Hanging out in the tent and eating is what camping is all about - can't wait to go again this summer. All of that potluck food looks fantastic - sounds like so much fun.

  14. Hey, I want to pick your brains about Brighton, where to stay/must eats etc. Are you able to email me at bluerthanpink (at) gmail (dot) (com)

  15. I don't think I've ever gone camping before, but the food spread you just posted about make me want to go camp like I've...never camped before.

    PPK meetup!!

  16. Camping is awesome. I can't wait until our boys are old enough to go camping.

    By the way, I really like your blog. One of my fellow veggies just got back from spending a week in Brighton and she loved it.

  17. How exciting! From camping to meet ups!

  18. oh, the cheesy mash!! I want to try that so much! My favorite part about camping is the food- and your spread is the best!

    I'll stay with you and make biscuits, as long as you come back here and teach me to make perfect scones!

  19. I read about the ppk picnic on sal's blog and I was just getting over how awesome it was and now I'm drooling all over again! I can't believe how much great food you guys had.

    Love the food pics and I totally want to go to those restaurants.

  20. What great camping food options! Luckily we live in Southern California so camping is an option even this weekend. :) Thanks for the great ideas, love the PPK!


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