Friday 21 September 2012

Pogo Cafe.

*Pogo is now closed but in it's place is the equally wonderful Black Cat Cafe*

I don't know why it took me so long to venture north, north London that is, to try Pogo Cafe but finally, last weekend, the stars aligned and me & my besties headed there for lunch.

Pogo is situated in Hackney & was surprisingly quick and easy to get to even from our start point at the opposite side of London, Brixton to be precise. 

Pogo Cafe is a volunteer run, non-hierarchical, organic, vegan cafe. I love everything about this place; as well as being an awesome cafe the space exists as a resource for groups to hold meetings and to put on benefits, talks and film screenings. They also hold a free weekly yoga class on a Saturday morning, how cool is that? The cafe has a fully stocked fridge with tasty drinks and cakes and they even have a small shop selling books, Vegusto cheeses, Speculoos spread and other tasty vegan treats.

After perusing the menu which consists of snacks, sandwiches & burgers we all ordered The Punk Burger with wedges, salad & a side of mayo.

This was such an epic meal! The wedges were perfectly fried, the salads were interesting and the burger was out of this world - one of the best I've ever had. The seeded granary bun was stuffed full of cheezly, vegi bacon, lettuce & tomato alongside the burger itself and it really was a truly standout burger. The lovely Pogo volunteers make these themselves from organic tofu, pumpkin seeds and other deliciousness and whilst I'm normally a fake meat kinda girl when it comes to burgers this one totally changed my mind. Can you tell I really loved it?! The mayo was also spectacular and both daily salads, one green, one carrot and ginger, were delicious.

This plate of food cost £5.95 and I felt that it was definitely value for money, it was the perfect size and I felt just stuffed enough not to need to eat again for a while! I also liked that you have the option to just order the burger as a snack for £3.50. Pogo Cafe, I will definitely be back!


  1. Aw, I love Pogo too. My London friends live close by it. That Punk burger is ace and I remember having an amazing icecream sundae last time I visited too.

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