Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sussex & The World Market

As it's Sunday I had planned to spend the entire day in my pyjamas watching Passport Patrol but after waking up hungry & checking Twitter I saw two tweets that made me hop up, throw on some clothes & head for the Sussex & The World Market on Hove Lawns. Firstly I heard that Terre à Terre were selling hot churros and chocolate sauce.

This sounded like the perfect breakfast for a person who was swigging wine out of the bottle on a train mere hours ago and boy was I right. I've eaten Terre à Terre's churros many times before and they're one of my favourite desserts. They made an excellent but slightly messy breakfast!

The second tweet that made me start jabbing Nick in the ribs so that he'd wake up & head outdoors with me was from local vegan cafe VBites. It included a picture of this cake.

Yeah, that's cake entirely coated in chocolate & topped with popcorn. Brilliant! I was surprised to discover that the cake inside was orange flavoured, for some reason I was expecting chocolate. It was beautifully moist & full of pieces of orange rind and I loved the fact that this was essentially a giant cake ball. Brilliant! VBites are certainly living up to the new awesome-purveyors-of-desserts reputation they created for themselves at the Moshi Moshi Vegan Maki Challenge earlier this week.

Sandwiched in-between Terre à Terre & VBites stalls were Moshi Moshi themselves with their classic £3.50 veggie sushi box.

This is always vegan & I pick one up whenever I see it, in fact Nick & I ate one on the beach together exactly a year ago. The weather wasn't as good this year but this sushi box still contains loads of my favourite vegan maki (is that right, can I use maki as the plural?!). This box could only be made better with the addition of some Inari Tofu!

Another favourite from last years market was Titbits Catering. We ate some of their sausage rolls last year & they were so good that when we spotted them again today we couldn't resist.

These all vegan caterers don't just make delicious savoury pastries though, oh no, amongst other things these talented ladies run the Gourmet Girls pop up restaurant every Friday evening at Fanny's of Hanover. Get the lowdown here!

They're also responsible for this perfectly gooey, crackle-topped, chocolate raspberry brownie.

I'll be eating this in bed whilst watching Downton Abbey later, what a perfect day!


  1. Churros! I've never had any but I bet I would look as happy about them as you do in the picture.

  2. This all looks delish! I wish I had known about the market, have I missed out on it completely? That raspberry brownie looks brilliant, ENJOY!

    Jo x

  3. I don't know if I should feel lucky or sad that I can't find all these amazing goodies in my neighborhood! That popcorn cupcake creation is absolute madness - wonderful, wonderful madness!

  4. amazing day is right jojo. yummmmy.

  5. Yet again I just wish that I lived in, or even near, Brighton!!!

  6. I would love to try vegan churros and it would be ace to find vegan takeaway sushi - it has yet to make it to Manchester!


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