Sunday, 24 October 2010


I can't believe how long it's taking me to sort out & post stuff from our honeymoon! It's been so long that I've actually already been back to Vienna. So, I'm going to post every day for the next 5 days & then I can maaaaybe think about blogging something Brighton related!

Last time I was in Vienna I blogged about the awesome vegan croissants from Backerei Waldherr and of course I had to get them again.

Nick was suitably impressed with the jammy chocolatey deliciousness & I was excited to find that they also had vegan chocolate chip muffins. It was a bit wholegrainey for our tastes but it was still okay.

We did eat out at Vegetasia, Formosa & Landia but as I ordered foods I'd already blogged about them I decided to relax & keep my camera in my bag for a change!

One new place we did get to visit on this trip was Gasthaus Schillinger, a traditional, albeit totally vegan, gasthaus 40 KM outside of Vienna. I'd never been able to visit before as it's only really accessible by car but it's SO worth the detour.

We arrived during the busy lunch period and were quickly seated after waiting at the bar for about 10 minutes.

I ordered a delicious brothy pancake soup to start and as our main we choose to share the Vegan Haus Platter...

... why yes that is an enormous plate of fake meat on a bed of chips! Nicks face when he saw this arrive at our table was the best thing ever...

So on top of the bed of chips were sausage, blood sausage, lamb & brussels sprout skewers, schnitzel & a cordon bleu (schnitzel stuffed with cheese & ham!). There was a bowl of coleslaw in the centre and delicious swirls of garlic, parsley butter adorned the plate - yum!

Even after all that we somehow managed to share a dessert...

...the cake of the day was a hazelnut chocolate cake, it tasted great even though it was a little dense but the home made ice cream that went with it was amazing.

If you're ever in Vienna try and get yourself out to Gasthaus Schillinger - I promise you won't be disappointed!

So after our awesome meal we kept driving towards The Alps, we blasted some awesome music to keep us going...

...stopped off at an IKEA... stock up on these awesome biscuits...

... and then we ended our day at a slightly creepy (there was a VERY long and intense list of rules) but pretty campsite ear Saltzberg.

Tomorrow there'll be more pictures of the spectacular Austrian countryside and restaurant reviews from Zurich.


  1. That's it. I'm buying a ticket right now, solely for the purpose of getting to that gasthaus!

  2. Wow, everything looks delicious, especially those croissants!

  3. Yum! I saw a real-life non-vegan version of that meat and chips platter when we were in croatia. It was horrifying. I like your version much more. Also, I want a croissant. So badly!!!

  4. I feel ignorant... but what's pancake soup? o.O

  5. Vampire, pancake soup is a traditional Austrian dish of brothy soup with sliced pancakes - European style pancakes not American sweet pancakes! It's yummy, I though it was similar to a soup with thick rice noodles.

  6. I love Gasthaus Schillinger! I'm about to go back there this week, and will have to have that platter in Nick and your honor!


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