Thursday, 7 October 2010


Sadly we didn't get much time in Prague so this is going to be a pretty short post - I'm already working on the next one though so I'll be back soon!

We stayed in a campsite just outside the city which, upon arrival at our allocated pitch, we discovered was over run with frogs. Now I like frogs but these were no ordinary frogs, they were teeny tiny frogs and the ground was literally carpeted with them - aside from the obvious vegan concern of not wanting to squish one (or 10) by accident they were really creepy. I'm embarassed to admit that I squeeled like a girl and ran all the way back to reception to demand, with terrible czech and frog impressions, a different pitch for the night! Thankfully they found us one without a frog infestation & I had a nice cold beer to celebrate!

The next day we hopped on the bus and headed into the city.

After some sightseeing it was of course time for food, we headed to Country Life Melantrichova as it was pretty central (it's just around the corner from the astronomical clock) & we'd heard they had a pretty large selection of hot & cold buffet items. We were pleased to see that the place was pretty big inside so they were plenty of seats even though there was a decent sized queue for food.

I of course filled up my plate with almost everything they had...

... I was excited to be eating so many fresh veggies as we'd just come from Berlin where I'd been filling up on fast food & I thought it was about time I attempted to be a little healthy. I enjoyed what I think was nut roast, the vegan pizza was pretty good but the star of this meal was the seitan & peanut stew, I didn't take much as I wasn't sure it looked great but damn it was good! I almost went back for more!

The dessert selection wasn't huge but I found a couple of things that looked interesting, a little chocolatey thing with a cashew on top & a coconut biscuity thing that looked like it was filled with some kind of cream.

It turned out that these were both pretty similar which was great because they were yummy! The one with the chocolate covered biscuit base was topped with something similar to a coconut macaroon and filled with what I think was hazelnut cream. The cashew topped one was filled with the same nutty cream. What was also amazing about these was that they cost about 10p each!

Next door to Country Life is a little health food store where we found vegan hazelnut & maple syrup waffles, my favourite Rapunzel Nirvana Noir chocolate & vegan washing powder. I believe the shop is fully vegetarian rather than vegan as we definitely spotted a few things containing milk powder but it's definitely a great place to go if you're in the area.


  1. I love how you celebrated escaping the frog infestation :-)

    I am now adding Prague to my MUST VISIT list, my dad went and loved it! And I can eat there!

  2. Frogs! I can see why you didn't want to be on that pitch...what if they'd got into the van during the night?

    Must say the food looks lovely. And I totally agree with the general policy of eating dessert first. Though this time I see you ate main course first. Life is uncertain, got to get the best bit eaten first...

  3. Looks like you are alone on the Charlesbridge. I bet you were not! Hoe did you get the other tourists out of your picture?

    Prague is around the corner from where I live. Must go back!

  4. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog. That dish looks delicious!! esp. the seitan & peanut stew yum! I had no idea one could find vegan restaurants in Prague. Actually it was one of the reasons I was putting off visiting the place so now I will go one day.

    LOL about the frog infestation and nice way to celebrate getting a new pitch. I would have found that creepy too, esp. if they were tiny.

  5. Prague is a very nice place and it is definety worth visiting.

  6. Yes I agree - especially this georgeous old bridge and the old kernel of the city - beautifuly.

  7. Love that plate of food!

    It's so funny I had a dream about you guys last night, but you weren't in it. In the dream, I was sneaking around your house, and I saw your car (which was a tiny red convertible with pink upholstery) and I could tell it was yours because it had little receipts and scraps from your travels. Clearly, I have some mental issues...

  8. Wonderful place - the place to be


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