Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Cupcakes & Brunch.

I don't often blog about food I've made but I had a bit of a baking frenzy last weekend for my ''hen'' night & made 3 types of cupcakes!

Instead of the traditional girls night out which as far as I can tell is meant to involve L Plates & cock balloons I had a girls night in instead. It was super fun & I don't think any of us had been to a sleepover in about 10 years!

I've been practicing my frosting skills recently and with the addition of the best ever cupcake icing kit from Bake it Pretty I think I'm getting a lot better, even if I do say so myself! The chocolate ones were the last to get decorated and I think I'd kinda gotten the hang of it by then!

I made chocolate with thick chocolate buttercream frosting, mint choc chip & lemon blueberry. Everyone should buy Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, the recipes are super easy to follow and they always turn out beautifully. Not everyone at my girlie night was vegan or even vegetarian and every single person said they were the best cupcakes they'd ever eaten! Awesome!

The next morning after a very late night staying up watching Clueless & stuffing our faces with pizzas, popcorn & Dandies marshmallows some of us managed to drag ourselves out of our sleeping bags to hunt down some brunch.

We'd planned to head to Iydea but once we arrived at around 11.30 it didn't look like there was enough food left for us so instead we headed across the street to another all vegetarian business, WaiKikiMooKau. Happy Cow seems to have this place down as not very vegan friendly but it's changed a lot in the last few years, the prices have dropped and their vegan options have increased, yay!

We all ordered the Full English Breakfast, priced at £5.95 this is a real bargain!

I've had this breakfast before but then it was at dinner time so I went with the chips as my potato option, this time around I choose the hash browns which are homemade and delicious. This breakfast still comes with my favourite Realeat sausages, yummy baked beans and their signature pesto tomatoes...oh and that basket of bread was for the 4 of us, no cafe is that generous!

I'll definitely be back at WaiKikiMooKau again soon, it's one of mine & Nicks favourite places to eat especially as it's stumbling distance from our front door. Next time I'm up at a reasonable hour and not rushing to work I'm going to keep Iydea's breakfast menu in mind. Their lunch food's always good and from what I could see from the few things left there were a fair few yummy looking vegan options.

After our weekend apart Nick & I reconvened for an evening of hanging out being silly and eating ice cream!

My work friend J gave me this hat as a gift, I love it! I think Nick loves it too!

I knocked up these chocolate ice cream cupcake sundaes.

These had chocolate cupcake at the bottom and were topped with chocolate Booja-Booja ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and Oreo Straws which were a gift from Kristy & Toby. These could've been made more awesome with the addition of some marshmallows and chocolate syrup but I didn't think of time my friends, next time!

I'm going to continue trying to keep up with blogging in the midst of the last few of weeks of wedding planning, we've found awesome caterers for our all vegan wedding and I'll definitely be posting food pics from the big day!


  1. Aaaaw, what lovely cupcakes! I love the Bake It Pretty shop and I want everything from it!

  2. The girls night sounds so fun! The cupcakes look great, especially the wicked icing job ;)

    I've never come across a veganized English breakfast. I'll have to hunt one down while traveling through Europe later in the year.

  3. Your cuppies and sundaes and brekkies look pretty awesome. Good luck with the wedding plans, and I can't wait to hear about your vegan nuptials!

  4. Wow, I'd love to try an English breakfast. I never wanted to try the original version, but it sounds perfect now.

    You should not have included the link to that bake it pretty site. I'll be stuck there for ages, ha.

  5. I think a girls night in is a great idea and your cupcakes look fantastic!

    Yummo brekky too, it's great to find a place has become more vegan and not less!

  6. That hen night sounds like fun. Thank you for omitting the pink cock beaded necklaces. and that sundae is killing me softly.

  7. Your hen night sounds the best! Very classy lady. Cupcakes and food all look amazing x

  8. What amazing cupcakes! Totally gorgeous. And you're killing me with the sundae! Sounds like you had quite the fab weekend.

    So, how soon is the wedding?!

  9. Those hats are too cute! Your cupcakes are looking great! I can't wait to have a proper English breakfast.

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  11. So glad that you put them to good use :-) Those cupcakes look great and your hen night sound much better than the traditional ones.

  12. That hat is awesome, and the cupcakes look perfect!

  13. Nice cupcakes! I love making cupcakes but i'm RUBBISH at frosting. x

  14. Congratulations! You must be so excited. Your cupcake skills are impressive! I don't have that giant star tip, but I want it!

  15. That is definitely one cute hat. I can't decide who looks cuter in it. Way to go on the cupcakes missus - they look so fancy schmany and I love your cake tier.
    Awesome looking breakfast too. damn - I need to get myself to Brighton again soon.

  16. Those cupcakes look wonderful and your lifestyle sounds so... Well, I'd use the word 'cool', but I'm too old. It's how I imagine the post-punkers live in New York, I suppose. All city-ish and great places to eat on the doorstep... Our wedding was a vegetarian (before we were vegan) potluck, but your vegan one beats it! I hope you have a wonderful day! :o)
    Now I'm off to suss out that Bake It Pretty shop...

  17. Oreo straws? Oreo? Straws? Amazing! x

  18. ok this shows how far behind with everyone's blogs I am!!

    your cupcakes look gorgeous!!

    I am gonna have to get my bro to take me to waikikamookau when i'm down visiting him next month, I've always wanted to go in there because I love the name!! hahah.

    Is it this weekend you're getting married? If so - have an awesome day, hope it all goes well for you. My friend is getting married this saturday too, so it must be a good day for it! :-)


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