Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Terre a Terre - Part II

I'm so excited to be getting back into blogging again that I'm going to hop out of chronological order here to blog about the amazing meal Nick and I had at Terre a Terre recently. The photo's aren't the best as it's pretty dimly lit in there but you'll get the picture!

My amazing work colleagues got me £60 of Terre a Terre vouchers as an engagement gift (I know, awesome right?...and who knew you even got engagement gifts?!) and life had been hectic enough to prevent us from going until last week.

Nick's vegetarian but can be a bit of a fussy eater so we were a bit worried about what he'd enjoy from their fancy menu but there were no worries to start with as he happily ordered the Fabulous Garlic Focaccia (£4.60), and he made it vegan so I could try it.

The bread at Terre a Terre is seriously awesome and this garlic bread was great. So many places use far too much garlic but this was just right.

I ordered the exact same starter as I'd had as a main last time I visited, the Smoked Sakuri Soba (£8.65) Chilled soba noodles and raw vegetable spaghetti served with smoked tofu, wasabi cashews and pomegranate beads.

This was just as delicious as last time. I think I'm developing a serious obsession with their smoked tofu and I've been attempting to recreate this dish at home, minus some of the fancier touches! I think I'll probably order this every time I visit as it really is just that good.

For our main we both picked the Revisited Rosti (£13.95) a huge crispy fried potato rosti topped with creamed spinach and finished with a cream, parsley and nutmeg sauce. For the veggies this comes topped with melted cheese and a fried egg (Nick's choice) and for the vegans it's topped with marinated tofu (my choice).

We both really enjoyed this course and agreed that mine was the better option (that's a win for veganism right there!). Whilst the tofu isn't even listed on the menu as the vegan option it was, in both our opinions, the best bit about the meal. I'd urge every non-vegan I know to give this option a try at least once. The tofu was amazingly soft, perfectly marinated and totally delicious. If it told you how to make this in their new cookbook we'd have bought it right there and then! The flavours in this dish went perfectly together and it was great to have such a hearty filling meal at such a fancy restaurant.

Even though we were stuffed there was no way I was leaving without dessert even if it did mean sharing. I'd been eyeing up the Perky Pear and Choccy Tart (£7.85) on the website for a while and couldn't resist ordering it.

This is described as a chocolate tart with chocolate sorbet, Poire William pickled coriander seed pears, star anise sugar snappy pears, served with lush custard.

I was a little worried about the custard as I'm a hater of all things yellow and gloopy but I was assured by our lovely waitress that it was nothing like that kind of custard. I'm glad I trusted in the magic of the wonderful Terre a Terre chefs as this custard was delicious and went perfectly with the deliciously spiced pears, sorbet and the gorgeous tart. I've never had a chocolate tart this delicious, it was beautifully light and perfectly chocolaty.

I really cannot wait to be able to go back to Terre a Terre again, hopefully there's a PPK meet up headed there this summer as it is hard to justify spending more than our weekly shopping budget on one meal, although it is definitely worth the cost.


  1. Looks awesome - thanks for the pictures.

    We acquired the book recently but haven't cooked from it yet.

  2. Terre a Terre is my favourite restaurant! Everything is SO GOOD.

    I recommend the Terre a Tapas if you go again, for starters. Great to share and try a little of everything.

  3. Yum! I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK. I found your blog right after you took a break from posting, and I've been hoping you'd post again. That meal looks awesome, and your potato rosti looks absolutely perfect!

  4. You are so lucky having Terre a Terre nearby, haven't been for a very long time, your meal looks fantastic!

  5. That looks amazing! Especially the tofu topped rosti -- I may have to make something similar for dinner tonight...

  6. ooh i had that chocolate tart when we went the other week too - i didn't post about it though cuz i forgot to take a pic. it was glorious!!!

    That rosti looks awesome, my bro had the veggie version and my mum had the other one with the lentils which was also really really good. i love terre a terre - i'm hoping for a summer ppk meet up there too!

  7. That looks like an absolutely amazing place! Yay for vouchers.

  8. WOW! Fancy AND Yummy looking!!! All the creams they used were Vegan???

    So jealous! :)

  9. WHOA! that food looks totally amazing. I wish I could dash over to a fancy vegan-friendly spot like that. So impressive! I'm glad - and impressed - that you made a blog appearance!!

  10. Oh man, I really want to go there! Maybe in March?!

  11. Melisser we can totally go there in March!


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