Sunday, 6 September 2009

London Vegan Festival

Today I met up with awesome PPK friends Holley & Amelia and bloggers The Messy Vegetarian Cook , Intellectual Blackout & Off To Guildford. We went to The London Vegan Festival at Kensington Town Hall.

As soon as I walked in the door we spotted this stand run by Vegan Volumes selling delicious looking and cute vegan cookies and cakes.

I immediately bought a chocolate and walnut brownie for £1.

It was awesome, just the right balance of cakey and fudgey and full of loads of delicious walnuts. Everyone else was still eating so not wanting to be left out of the fun I spent another 40p on a chocolate krispie cake...

...which was also pretty awesome! We spent the day shopping and I picked up some of Redwood Foods new Brussels Pate, 2 bags of Vegan Kosher Haribo, Lazy Day Foods Millionaire's Shortbread, 2 Go Max Go candy bars - a Twilight (vegan Mars bar replica) and a Jokerz (which is like a Snickers) , two cute cow pictures from local-ish charity Huggetts Wood Farm, a Plamil dairy free milk chocolate bar and a Rapunzel Nirwana Noir bar - I loved these when I was in Berlin!

I'm excited to try all of this especially the Go Max Go bars, I think I'll save the Haribo for next time I go to the cinema.

After we were all shopped out we went upstairs to the Veggies stall...

...where we all ordered the Veggies burger with Cheezly and a veggie bacon rasher...

They were totally delicious and in the biggest bun I'd ever seen. You got a decent amount of salad and fried onion and there were loads of condiments to choose from, I went with the Plamil vegan mayo. Holley, Zaineb, Kip and I sat on the steps to eat...

...there's another PPker with a cute bow in her hair right there in the background but unfortunately I didn't get her real name...or I forgot it already...I apologise!

We also bumped into another PPKer, Shannon, all the way from the US, she's right here in the middle at the back.

Front (L-R) Amelia, Holley, Me, Zaineb. Back (L-R) Pieta, Shannon, Kip. Thanks to Shannon's man friend for taking the picture!

Once I got home I ate more food! A piece of ginger cake with toffee icing from the Vegan Volumes stall at the beginning of this post...

This was super moist, sticky and perfectly gingery, not too overpowering at all. I was worried the toffee icing was going to be sickly but it complimented the ginger cake really well.

I had an amazing day, these wonderful vegan ladies all rock and I can't wait to see them again in October for another meet up.


  1. Tis me, the cute bow owner. My name is Phoebe and my username is alienpmk. Facebooking this picture! =D

  2. I did not take advantage of all the food stalls enough, aahh! Still, I discovered vegan creme eggs, which may just make up for not buying any cookies. Just.
    Was great to meet you :) I think maybe we should try and hook up for a bake-in or something...because I don't get enough vegan cake.
    Amelia x

  3. sounds and looks like and awesome fest and meet-up. you are all so SO cute!

  4. even more jealous now!! :)

    All that food looks awesome.

  5. I am *so jealous* of the ease with which you can get all manner of vegan deliciousness. It looks like that was a fun and yummy day!

  6. What an awesome vegan festival,looks like you took home a great range of goodies!

  7. Man, we have some great vegan offerings here in NYC, but how much would I love to pop on over to a whole other country (and continent for that matter) to try out all of that awesome stuff! Some day, some day... What do you say: you visit us, we'll visit you? We do have vegan soft serve. And vegan Vietnamese food! :D

  8. Your past few posts are making me seriously wishing I could head back over your way for some more holidays. I was in Brighton for the Vegan Fayre this year and I was lucky enough to eat at Terre a Terre which I LOVED. I also had the churros, how awesome were they. LOL. I don't normally drink, so by the time I had finished the vodka sozzled cherries I was feeling a bit sozzled myself. Heh.

    I am intrigued by these vegan Mars bars and Snickers bars substitutes. We have a kind of Mars bar substitute here in Australia, but I want to try some of those.

    I *grabby hands* at your purchases!

  9. VEGAN HARIBO!!!!??? I MUST find these, holy crap!

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  11. Oh wow that festival looks so exciting. We have something like that about hour and a half from where I live. Next year when I move to London I'll have to attend. Those brownies look so yummy as do the sandwiches. This might sound like a stupid question but is it easy to be a vegan/vegetarian in the UK?

  12. Sounds like fun! It's nice to have other vegans to hang out with. The group photos are cute.

    That brownie looks awesome! I totally want some chocolate now, lol

  13. oh wow this looks like such a fun day! I'm going to be in the UK around the beginning of next year and it will be the first time i'll be there a) as an adult, b) on my own, and c) as a vegan, so it's so good to know there'll be so many amazing things to try! it would be great to meet some people too

  14. @comeinalone It's SO easy to be vegan in the UK. Even big supermarkets (especially Sainsbury's and the co-op) label their products as vegan. Chain restaurants like wagamamas, pizza express and giraffe have vegan options and if you use Happy Cow to search for a city you'll find some kinda vegi restaurant almost everywhere!

    @I'm Philippa O Exciting you're coming to the UK, where too? We should hang out!

  15. im SO jealous im not still in london..the festival looks like so much fun! and the food looks great! :)

  16. That looks like an awesome day! Those cookies are adorable, but brussels pate?! yum! You know I love anything Cheezly.

  17. that ginger cake is what dreams appear to be made of. and I can't believe I haven't tried Cheezly (the Grizzly) yet.
    did you end up trying the go max go bars? what did you think? question mark?

  18. Oh how I miss London. And how I NEED that chocolate krispie cake! And the ginger cake with toffee icing! I must have....*drroooll*

  19. Oh my, what gorgeous food! Gutted I missed it all!

  20. I can't believe I was at London World Vegan Day last year, also with other PPKers (zuzucooks, Pete_F and lemonspot; I'm Miss T), and we ate on those same steps and those same burgers and now I am so jealous!!

  21. Oh my, I am so jealous of the food and the festival!

    Cool to meet PPK'ers as well. I am Eucalypt over there.

  22. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा27 June 2011 at 02:16

    How cool!!
    I didn't even know they had vegan festivals in London.


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