Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New York - Brooklyn & Rutherford, New Jersey.

I can't believe I stayed in Brooklyn for five nights and only managed to actually eat there three times...and out of these three times I only took pictures once - I'm a lame blogger!

Whilst in Brooklyn my PPK friends and I went to s'Nice where I had an awesome pasta salad and the vegan panini, I really liked this s'Nice location as they had an outdoor space perfectly located for a spot of people watching.

I also visited Pizza Plus with my friend and yet another PPKer Michelle but I was SO hungry I forgot to take a picture of the huge & yummy pizza we ordered. We got the soy cheese pizza with vegan sausage, mushrooms and peppers and it was great, it came with Follow Your Heart Mozzarella which melted really well but didn't stay too runny as the pizza cooled. My only issue with this place was that it sold veal - something I didn't realise before going there - I find the decision on whether to support businesses offering vegan food & also veal or foie gras a difficult one (somehow it is just worse than other meat / dairy) and usually opt out of visiting such a place. Next time I'm in New York I'll be on the look out for a different vegan friendly pizza place!

I really enjoyed visiting the all-vegan restaurant V-Spot for brunch, I love supporting vegan businesses especially when they're as good as this one. We both ordered the Steak which was a seitan steak which came with fried onions, a veggie filled tofu scramble & crispy fries.

The seitan steak was unbelievably meaty, if this hadn't been an all vegan restaurant I'd have been really worried I'd been served the carnivorous option! I wasn't so into the tofu scramble as I prefer them a little creamier but the fries were really really good. I'll definitely be going back here, it's great to have so many options on the one menu!

The Brooklyn section of this post is way shorter than it should have been. There were so many great places I didn't get the time to go to & I can't wait to get back there to check out Penny Licks, Boneshakers & Foodswings.

Whilst staying in Brooklyn I took a day trip to Rutherford, New Jersey to meet up with loads of PPKers for brunch at the Rutherford Pancake House. This place has only just started doing a separate vegan menu and from what I could see it's doing a great job. They had loads of options and I just had to go for the blueberry pancakes.

There were four massive pancakes which were heavy on the blueberries and they came with Earth Balance although you had to pay an extra $2 for real maple syrup, something I think should come included in the price of any pancake dish. Everyone who worked there was really friendly too and were able to handle our massive group of brunchers.

After brunch we strolled down to Sweet Avenue Bake Shop to get ourselves some cupcakes for dessert. Here's a picture of ''The PPKers'' that the guys at Sweet Avenue posted on their blog, look at our happy post-cupcake smiles!

I loved this place, it was SO cute and the fact that it was an all vegan establishment made me even more excited.

Everyone working there were awesome, they even gave me free cookies for coming all the way from England...probably also because I bought so many cupcakes! I found it pretty hard to decide what to go for so I went for Dark Side of the Moon, Jet Black, Lemon Raspberry, Strawberry Fields & the Little Cutie.

How awesome looking are they? As you can see I found it pretty hard to decide what to have first...

...look how confused I look! I think I went for the Dark Side of the Moon which was super yummy, there was a really sweet icing on top of a moist cupcake - yum! Whilst I was there I also picked up a gorgeous box of chocolates made by Rose City Chocolatiers , I wish I could get these in England, they were so good I ate the whole box in one go.

If you get the chance when visiting New York City take a trip to Rutherford, it was really quick to get there from the city - quicker than getting to some parts of Brooklyn and it was definitely worth the journey.

Well that's it from my trip across the pond hopefully I might get to blog a bit more about Brighton soon although that will probably have to wait until after my birthday camping trip to Cornwall next week. Expect some dandies vegan marshmallow pics as I think I spotted a Vegan Essentials package hidden ( well, not very well hidden... ) in my boyfriends study!


  1. Whenever I travel I get way too exited over the food, so that I very often forget to take pictures. But you photographed the most important thing - the cupcakes! This sounds like such an awesome trip.

  2. brooklyn! Next time we'll head to Williamsburg for more pizza and ice cream.

  3. Those are the cutest cupcakes! It's a shame they aren't located closer to me... I'm dying to try them!

  4. Oh! Oh! Oh! Those cupcakes look amazing! And so does the other food! I think this is the only thing that might tempt me onto a plane!

  5. wow, all those vegan cupcakes! Im jelous, they dont have anything like that in South Australia :(


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