Saturday, 30 May 2009

New York - Syracuse & Ithaca

Whilst I was over in New York I spent some time away from the city and went upstate to Syracuse to visit my friend, fellow PPker and blogging superstar bazu and her husband Michael.

We hung out at her house and ate awesome food you can't get in England, like this totally rad vegan cheese pizza from a box that we made in a toaster oven!!

She even made me pancakes for breakfast. They were amazing, I can never even make mine round! We ate them with Earth Balance and yummy local maple syrup.

I really wanted to go to Farm Sanctuary so we went on a road trip *yay*

Farm Sanctuary is awesome, I say awesome way too much but there really isn't a better way to describe the place! They provide rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary to thousands of abused farm animals from across America whilst also educating people about their food choices by actively promoting a cruelty free plant based diet.

We got close to some goats...

and hung out with some chickens...

and I totally can't wait to go back there. I'm already planning another trip for next year but this time I'm hopefully going to stay at their on site B&B.

After we'd worked up an appetite walking around the sanctuary we ate at the ABC Cafe in Ithaca. I pretty much always choose the burger if it's on the menu and here I went for the classic ABC burger.

I originally asked for the burger with soy cheese but it turns out that theirs isn't vegan so I just had it plain. They were out of buns too so I had it on wholewheat bread and overall it was pretty good, nice fries too!

For dessert I picked something off the specials board and had the vegan brownie.

It was full of walnuts which I love and it was incredibly rich and fudgy. I prefer a cakey brownie myself but it was still ok.

I've saved the best 'till last with this post...I wish I could pick up Strong Hearts Cafe and pop it down right next to my house. I actually ended up having the same thing both times we went there, the truly amazing Egg Trick Muffin.

I've made something similar at home before using Redwood vegi bacon but with the Gimme Lean sausage, the Teese and the not having to make it myself their version was just better. It was ridiculously filling too and a bargain at only $5.50.

They also do the best vegan desserts I think I've ever had. This one's their chocolate cupcake with mint icing.

Not only was it huge but it was moist and chocolaty with a not too sweet mint icing. I also got a chocolate peanut butter swirl brownie which was cakey just how I like them.

I took this photo on the bus on my way back to New York City, the brownie certainly made the five hour trip better. I think Strong Hearts was probably my favourite place to eat in all of New York.

I have no doubt I'll be back at Strong Hearts and in Ithaca again so expect more about these places next year. Next time Brooklyn and Rutherford, NJ.


  1. All of that food looks incredible! I am sooo jealous that you got to go to Farm Sanctuary!
    Fantastic blog!

  2. Hooray for Strong Hearts. And jojo. And bazu.

  3. Wow, tofutti pizza in a box! I'll have to look for that.

    Kudos on the farm sanctuary visit. I need to get up there soon.


  4. I wish I had been there, I'll likely be in NYC in October.

  5. You visited the Farm Sanctuary? Sigh... I am so very jealous! Did you get to rub a pig's belly? The Tofutti toaster oven pizzas are something I have never seen; there is just too much vegan goodness in the world!!! And, now I want to go to NY so that I can have an Egg Trick Muffin, cupcakes and brownies too. Yummy!

  6. What a shame I didn't even know about your blog! I am so glad you commented on mine so that I am not ignorant anymore. So awesome that you got to meet Bazu again and that brownie looks like the perfect brownie to me! I love walnut brownies more than everything else.

  7. I miss you! I'm blogging about your visit right now... should be up soon! xo


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