Wednesday 25 September 2013

WIAW- Vegas Edition

Hey! Welcome to this week's What I Ate Wednesday MoFo's!

We're still travelling and right now we're in Las Vegas! I wasn't entirely sure if I'd be into Vegas but I can confirm that I totally am!! Vegas is so fun!

We're staying at The Encore which is one of Steve Wynn's hotels, if ya don't know about this already it's pretty cool - Steve himself is (was?) vegan and now every restaurant in all of his hotels (two in Vegas & one in Macau) have vegan menus in addition to the regular menu. Rad right? Breakfast is included in our room rate so we've been taking advantage and having it delivered to our room each morning.

Today I had the pancakes...

...and Nick had the tofu scramble with spinach & soy cheese. This comes with sides of both potatoes & toast - he went for sourdough.

We also got a fruit salad and juices, one orange, one green, which we switched over after this pic was taken!

After a morning spent lounging by the pool lunchtime came and went and we found ourselves at Wazuzu, for a suuuuper late lunch.

The vegan menu here was one of the ones I was most excited about working my way through before we left and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This place serves some of the best dim sum I've ever eaten & I've been to Portland's Departure Lounge which was pretty special.

We started with the Jade Dumplings...

...and the Chick'n Shu Mai.

Both were exceptional, I adored the veggie stuffed green jade dumplings and we were super impressed at the chefs more out-there use of Gardein in the second dumplings.

As a sushi lover I just had to try the Vegan Crunch Roll.

My picture really doesn't do these beauties justice, stuffed with green beans, asparagus, avocado and nori this is probably the best sushi I've ever eaten. I adored the fancy flourishes, the crispy Japanese rice cracker topping and the two sweet sauces. I'll Defintely be going back for more.

This place even has dessert and whilst I hate (HATE!!) the description in the menu (Guilt Free Vegan Brownie Sundae, yuch.) it was freaking delicious.

Ice cream topped and covered in crispy rice and an epic caramel sauce this was the perfect end to a meal.

As this is Vegas it's 11pm and instead of enjoying dinner we've (um, I've, Nick doesn't drink) been subsisting on beer and the joy of winning...I'll have to add our probably 3am room service dinner to this post at a later date!


  1. Yum, I love dumplings! And that dessert looks so good...we're in the forest with no sweets and have just gotten the after dinner sweet cravings, am pretty much drooling over that picture

  2. That hotel sounds the best! Go Steve Wynn! Enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas :)

  3. that hotel sounds rad! I could go for one of those brownie sundaes right now.

  4. If I ever make it to Vegas I'm definitely staying at the Encore! That room service breakfast sounds perfect, my other half would be in heaven.

  5. Have a lovely time in Vegas! The tofu scramble looks so delicious especially these yummy dimsum selections - love the Jade dumplings!

  6. Woah, what a fabulous day of food! I want breakfasts like that brought to me please. And that sushi contains all my favourite sushi things. Well jel.

  7. I haven't been to Vegas since...way before Wynn was vegan; I'm so excited for this (and future) posts!

  8. I love Vegas and not just because I got married there! I thought it was going to be gross and weird, but everyone was really nice and accommodating. I would love to go back soon. And eat all this food.

  9. All that looks so good. The scramble with potatoes and toast especially. That'd pretty much be my ideal breakfast.

  10. Oh my goodness, Jojo! L and I love Vegas so much, you post is making me GREEN with envy! The Wynn and the Encore we just starting to be built last time we were there. I struggled a bit with the food when I was there, but now I know where I will stay when we go back!

  11. Is Steve Wynn no longer vegan...?

  12. Dammit Jojo! You are doing Vegas and doing it goooood! I'm so sad I didn't have time for Wazuzu when I was there. It's literally the only reason I want to go back to Vegas. (Well that and to re-eat all the other food I had.) Keep it up! How much longer do you have?

  13. How lovely to be able to have such yummy breakfast delivered to your room.

  14. Drooling! Everything looks amazing.

  15. I have never had decent vegan food at a hotel and this one has a whole menu! How wonderful, I think I need to travel to Vegas, too.


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