Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Gent Part II.

On our way home from Groezrock Nick & I managed to find the time to pop into Gent to grab some food. We visited Gent last year & had a delicious lunch at Avalon so we were excited to get to go back & see what other foodie delights the city had to offer. As it was Easter Sunday we were very happy that Lekker GEK was open but we arrived a bit too early & spent a lovely morning wandering around the park before lunch.

Can you spot me hidden amongst the trees?

Lekker GEC is located just opposite the train station in Gent & it is an all vegan cafe. They have a cafeteria style buffet option as well as menu items to choose from. The lady working that day was really helpful and happily translated the menu options to us and after a lot of um-ing & ah-ing we both went for the Seitan Stew with Chips because we love seitan & it's not something you often see on menu's in the UK.

This came with loads of delicious sides my favourite being the cous cous, almond & sultana salad which I think ended up being my favourite part of the meal, it was so delicious. The chips were good & the vegan mayo was great but we found the stew a little bland & thought that the seitan seemed a little too soggy & almost tvp like in texture. It was a huge plate of food though & we left stuffed & with dessert to take away.

The slice of cake was huge & the cake itself had a dense but moist crumb and a deep chocolatey flavour. The real star here was the rich fudgey icing - I could happily have just eaten a huge tub of that!

Hopefully I'll be back in Gent again one day, it's surprisingly close to Brighton & I really need to visit Komkommertijd next so that I will have been to all of Gent's totally vegan establishments!


  1. that cake looks amazing! i deffo wanna go to Gent!!

  2. Wow, that thick icing on the chocolate cake looks like pure fudge- The cake beneath it is just an added bonus! ;)

  3. That cake looks divine and the food plate looks amazing! I wish I was there!

  4. I was gonna say too, I love that the icing is almost as thick as the cake itself. now that's what I'm talking about.

  5. I'm drooling a bit just looking at that picture of the cake.


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