Monday 3 April 2017


Larder is the most recent addition to Gardner Street's impressive roster of vegan and vegan friendly eateries. They went vegan for vegnuary and due to the popularity of the dishes decided to stay that way for good. SO COOL! 

I visited on a Saturday afternoon and they were steadily busy with all sorts of people, vegans and non vegans, looking to try out their plant based fare. I was waiting for a friend so I had a little time to peruse the menu before she arrived and I enjoyed a can of Cawston Press whilst I was waiting. The rhubarb is my favourite but cloudy apple comes a close second.

I'd basically decided on a toasted sandwich with avocado, beets, coriander, and red onion chutney when I realised that they had mac and cheese balls on the menu! I think I'd ignored the Mac and Peas balls assuming that I'd be allergic to the BBQ sauce (correct!) but as it comes on the side I was able to switch it for mayo.

These were pretty epic and could only be improved by the addition of a little extra cheese inside the balls which would give them more of a melty gooey centre. I would also suggest sharing them alongside your proper meal because despite the fact that they're deep fried and calorie full they aren't really a substantial meal. My friend Justine's baked potato on the other hand? That's a proper meal! They do sweet or regular potatoes and she chose the vegan chilli and mayo as her topping. Other toppings include BBQ Beans, dhal, and hummus and the side salad was a little fancy with some fresh herbs and a nice dressing which I like.

I'd say that the toasted sandwiches and jacket potatoes are some of the best value eats in the North Laine area, they're filling and flavourful as well as being healthy and vege-full. This is the perfect place to eat if you're over Brighton's more mock meaty options and want to get back to good old veggies, beans, and grains.

I spotted this Speculoos cake on Larder's instagram and I knew that I'd need to grab a slice as soon as I arrived. What if it sold out?!

Not only was this slice of cake totally delicious but it also had the perfect cake to frosting ratio and it was the perfect size for someone who was planning to eat multiple desserts that day and let's be honest, isn't every vegan visiting Brighton planning to do this?

I would highly recommend visiting Larder as soon as you get the chance, anywhere that switches from regular cafe to vegan business deserves your support and with food this good there's no reason not to go. If you'd like to share this on social media to spread the word about Larder's vegan switch that'd be delightful. Thanks friends!


  1. How cool that they went vegan as a trail thing and stuck with it!! I love that! And mac & cheese balls are so up my alley! Remember those mac & cheese burgers from White Owl in Portland during VVC 2? MAN, THOSE WERE SO GOOD. Still dreaming about those.

  2. That is amazing that they stuck with an all vegan menu, great to see so much support for it. :D

  3. I'm glad they decided to stick with the veganity, and if they keep dishing out food like this, I doubt they'll be short of vegans and other hungry types to keep them in business. Speculoos cake sounds like dessert heaven!


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