Friday, 21 November 2014

Infinity Kitchen

Infinity Foods recently rebranded and reopened what was the Infinity Foods Cafe and what is now Infinity Foods Kitchen after a month long refit and revamp and it looks gorgeous both inside and out.

They now have canteen style dining for lunch and there are rotating specials which, over the last week, have included pasta and Autumnal veggie bakes, Shepherd's pie and a Japanese platter that I'm kicking myself for missing out on because it sounded perfect. Next time!

It's so light and bright inside and I love the revamped upstairs area, instead of one large table near the window there are three small counter style tables facing out on the street. They're absolutely perfect for dog / people watching.

They've added some great new options to the breakfast menu including pancakes. Pancakes! So exciting! You can add syrup or fruit or go big and add both syrup and fruit which is clearly the best option.

These were some seriously fantastic pancakes and I love that they've gone with European style pancakes rather than American style. They were really delicious and I loved the medley of maple syrup, berry coulis and fruit. This is even a situation where banana totally worked for me! Thankfully some of the classic Infinity Foods breakfasts are present on the new Infinity Kitchen menu (I suspect it's because they knew I'd riot if they took my favourite breakfast away!) so my dining partner ordered that and we shared both dishes.

This is a seriously great breakfast, the toast's perfect, I love the fried polenta and despite thinking it could do with a touch more salt or maybe some nutritional yeast I love that they're making tofu scramble now. They do my favourite sausage in town too and they're the only place in the city that includes veggie bacon as part of their brekkie, my fave. Yum town!

Delicious breakfasts aside I'm always in the market for a sweet treat and Infinity Kitchen have decided to make all of their desserts vegan which is so rad. There are almost no un-veganisable sweets these days if you know the correct egg substitution and I love it when places make a real effort with the vegan desserts. I tried the Raw Chocolate and Almond Cake and a Magic Energy Ball a few weeks ago and a Pistachio and Orange Blossom cupcake a week after that.

These were all excellent and I was just super surprised to note that the chocolate torte was sugar free. It was really, really good and sugar free isn't my usual jam. I loved the energy ball too and it makes a great on the go snack. The pistachio orange blossom cupcake had a dense almost muffin like texture and I liked that the icing wasn't too sweet, it's a super fun flavour too and I'll definitely be picking up another one soon. I've also tried the chocolate gateaux (yum!) and Nick loved the chocolate and vanilla cheesecake he tried this afternoon.

There's also a new grab-and-go fridge full of sandwiches, soups, dips, salads and drinks which makes Infinity Kitchen a great place to grab lunch on the go.

They even have vegan panninis which include Vegusto Melty Cheese & Tomato and Sausage and Spicy Sun Dried Tomato Pesto.

You can get them heated up to go or to eat in making them a great new North Laine lunch option, I love a hot melty cheesy sandwich.

Yum indeed! Infinity Foods Kitchen is open from 10:30 - 5 Monday to Friday, 10 - 5 Saturday and 11 - 4 Sunday. They serve breakfast from 10:30 to 12 Monday - Friday, 10 - 12 on Saturday and 11 - 2 on Sunday. I've also noticed that they often discount sandwiches and things in the last hour or so of business so if you work in the area you can grab a bargain before you head home for the day. Keep an eye on their Facebook and / or Twitter accounts for the daily specials.

Disclaimer: Infinity invited me to come over for a complimentary breakfast because they're the nicest but I paid for everything else.


  1. This looks amazing! I wish there was one out by me in Minnesota!!!!
    ~ Samantha
    PS aww it was so nice of them to offer you breakfast :)

  2. It all looks yummy, I love the grab and go fridge!
    I think fruit and maple syrup together was definitely the way to go.
    I would really like to try an orange blossom pistachio cupcake.

  3. I found the lunch menu to be most dissapointing. Talk and mezze platter was not to the same standard as pre 'decoration'(which I find much less relaxing)
    Very tasteless and double grain salad, a no no in the buisness. The talk,- terrible. No flavour, nothing going on. Both these dishes came with a frankly absurd salad of chunks of beetroot,pepper and carrot.
    Thankfully I had a two for one deal. Certainly not worth full price. Come on can do so much better than this

    1. Sorry, TALK should be TALLI

  4. That savoury breakfast looks so good! I love the idea of fried polenta with breakfast and I especially like the idea of someone else making it for me so I'd definitely order that dish. The restaurant itself looks great, too.

  5. Ooh, those pancakes look great and I like that their breakfast is a bit different to the standard offer.

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  7. oh for melty cheese and sausage paninis!


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