Friday, 19 July 2013

Check out my package(s)!

If you know me at all you'll know that I loooove to get post, everything that comes through my letterbox from birthday cards to the free local paper puts a smile on my face. You can only imagine the levels of excitement when I get a package! Honestly sometimes I order stuff online just so that I can get fun post. I was over the moon when the people from Nutribox got in touch with me to see if I'd like to review their Vegan Nutribox Mini and I said a very enthusiastic hell yeah! Because I was travelling when they sent out June's boxes they actually had to make me up my own special box but it's very similar product wise to the box the To Happy Vegans bloggers received and reviewed.

The Nutribox Mini fitted perfectly through my smaller than average letterbox and I got home to find it waiting on my doormat.

I opened it up as soon as I got in the door and I was excited to see a great mix of products I already knew I loved and some that I'd never seen before.

This selection of bars was excellent, I'd only tried the Nakd bar before. The Trek flapjack, Braw Apple & Pear bar and Rude Health Beetroot bar were new to me and I enjoyed them all.

The Braw bar was my favourite and I hope that they become available outside of Scotland soon. You can currently buy them online but only in boxes of 30 which is a little much for me but I am pretty tempted.

I wasn't as excited about these next two snacks, I don't dislike nuts and seeds but I can buy them anywhere and I'd prefer the entire box to be full of new and exciting products. The tropical mix was actually not vegan, a mistake that Nutribox tell me has never happened before and was due to me having a strange mid-month mix of products.

It was nice to see a savoury option in the box, these spicy seeds weren't for me though - too spicy - so I popped them into my UK Vegan Swap package as an extra treat for my swap partner.

I was excited by both of these products, I'd actually never tried a Bounce energy ball despite seeing them every time I pop into Infinity Foods but now I'd definitely grab another. I already knew that I liked these raw chocolate mulberries, they're super dark so I can only ever eat a few at a time meaning that this little bag will last a while.

I would definitely recommend the Nutribox Mini, especially to someone who doesn't live within close proximity to a health food store stuffed full of new and exciting products. 

This is a fun, healthy, vegan (and gluten free) snack box and if you'd like to sign up for a Nutribox you can use the code VEGAN35 to get 35% of of your first box meaning that you can try it out for just £8.41.

Another great way for UK dwellers to get a package in the post every month is to sign up to the UK Vegan Food Swap. I opted out for the last few months because I knew that I'd never be able to pull together a great parcel of goodies and send it out to my partner in the midst of all of the travelling I've been doing. I'm back with a vengeance this month though and I put together a fun package of goodies from my travels for the lovely Ms Cupcake herself. I was even able to hand deliver it because I spent the day in London on Tuesday!

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a box sent by Lucy from the blog Lucy the Vegan.

Alongside a lovely note I was excited to find a great mix of sweet and savoury snacks and most of the contents were totally new to me. I'd never noticed the Salt & Vinegar Chiplets in M&S before, they were super yummy and I'll be keeping an eye out for them in future. I'd also never tried Jelly Tots despite knowing that they were vegan and I munched on them last night whilst catching up on Neighbours! The M&S After Dinner Mints are one of Nick's favourite snacks so I'll be sharing those which means that I wont feel too guilty about keeping one of my favourite treats, the adorably named Moo Free Bunnycomb Bar, all to myself.

I love the UK vegan food swap, it's such a fun thing to take part in and I get excited about every part of the process; from exchanging emails with my partner and shopping for treats to opening up the box itself. If you'd like to get in on the monthly vegan swap action you just need to click here and sign up, perhaps we'll be swap buddies in August!


  1. Ah, I'd love to do a swap!
    I love bounce balls!
    I've tried the same brand as those chocolate mulberries but the goji ones and they're really good!
    I never knew jelly tots were vegan!

  2. Love, love, love snack boxes!!

  3. I love my monthly nutribox! I get so excited when I get post, especially foodie parcels :)
    I really should join the UK Vegan swap too. Something always seems to come up and I'd hate to let down my swap partner.

  4. I love getting stuff in the post too! :) Especially when it is a parcel of nice vegan things!

  5. I want to know what was in Ms C's parcel!

  6. I love getting any sort of mail, the bigger the better, and the more filled with food, well - that's supreme.

  7. I looooove receiving food things in the mail! It's the reason I signed up for the Vegan Cuts snack box. Never heard of this one before.

  8. Thank you for your review Jojo! We're so glad you enjoyed your box :)


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