Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Street Diner: Now with vegan crepes!

If you live in Brighton I hope that you've already been frequenting our new friday afternoon street food market, Street Diner. I previously blogged about the tasty treats you can pick up from Sultans Delight, Big Pan Cooking & Crocus Paella right here but now I'm back to tell you that there's another amazing vegan option at the market. Crepes!

I spoke with the people from The French Revolution at the first ever street diner and this 100% gluten free company let me know that they had a vegan crepe in the works. OMG! I popped along to Street Diner as soon as I got back from my travels and was excited to see that yes, indeed there was a vegan crepe on offer. They aren't on the actual menu yet so just ask!

I went for the Berry Jam, Coconut & Roast Nut crepe and boy was it delicious.

Since going vegan I have had all manner of pancakes but never a crepe and to have one cooked for me was fantastic.

From looking at the menu I would say that these are the vegan options:

Freshly Squeezed Lemon & Sugar
Berry Jam, Coconut & Roast Nuts
Amaretto, Roast Nuts, Coconut & Vanilla Sugar
Amaretto, Organic Maple Syrup & Banana (minus the whipped cream)

Whilst I was waiting for my crepe I chatted to the proprietor about vegan options and he's looking into a vegan Belgian chocolate option which would be AMAZING! I didn't get a chance to ask any questions about the morello cherries on the menu but if you visit this friday and get the chance to ask about food colourings etc let me know & I'll update my blog post. If they get the chocolate and the morello cherries are vegan I am having one of their cherry chocolate crepes as soon as I get back from Zagreb! I don't care if it's a Friday I will find The French Revolution and eat the shit out of all the vegan crepe mix!

Hopefully enough vegans will visit this delicious pop-up creperie that it'll be worth their while veganising the Vegetarian Galette section of their menu with some Vegusto vegan cheese. That would just about make my year!

The French Revolution will be at Street Diner this Friday June 28th but not Friday July 5th. Street Diner change up the stalls weekly so follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with which vegan options are there each week.


  1. Oooh, yes!! That looks delicious!!!

  2. Vegan crepes, excellent!!! Have a good trip x

  3. Ah, vegan crepes are magical! And so many delicious options to choose from... I would like one of each, please. :)

  4. That are some great options! I think we also have a place where they sell some vegan crepes. I need to check it out.

  5. Oh wow! Every time I see a post about vegan options in Brighton I want to visit more.
    Your choice of crepe with the coconut and berries sounds exactly up my street- I guess that's obvious given my blog name :)

  6. Amaretto sounds great; why have I never thought of that?

  7. That combo in a crepe sounds amazeballs!

  8. Oh my goodness!! Thanks for sharing this. How exciting! Vegan crepes 15 minutes away from me :)

  9. I had a savoury crepe at Senzala in Brixton Village recently. They have three vegan options (listed in a 'vegan' section on the menu!) and you can have white flour or buckwheat. Check them out next time you are in the area, only a minute or two from Ms Cupcake along Coldharbour Lane.


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