Thursday, 19 January 2012


I've blogged about Tibits a couple of times before & I'm going to write about it again right now! You know why? Because I love it! One of my main reasons for loving it is that I am one of those people who will order the same thing at a restaurant over & over again if I have the chance, here you can't do that. There always seems to be something that I've never tried before & I like to be pushed out of my foodie comfort zone from time to time.

In case you've never heard of Tibits they're a veggie pay-by-weight restaurant located just off Regent Street in Central London. I love the pay by weight concept & the fact that you get a free bread roll, yup, that's right, something for free!

All of the food is in the middle of the restaurant on what they call the food boat...

...and if you look closely at the labels there's not only a description of the dish & what it contains but little letters which indicate whether the dish is vegan, and if it contains gluten, nuts or garlic.

As well as a staggering selection of cold salads & nibbles there are always some delicious hot options. I'm a huge fan of their onion rings & falafel because I have a deep seated love for fried food!

Alongside the fabulous food Tibits have a great cocktail list. The staff are pretty knowledgeable about which drinks are vegan and the wine list behind the bar even has V's on it to make things easier.

These plates of food both came to around £12 which given how huge they were is definitely great value for money.

I love all of Tibits pasta salads, their tomato topped focaccia is mouthwateringly good and the onion rings? Seriously, I think they're what my dreams are made of! The batter is alway perfectly crisp and not at all greasy.

Recently Tibits have started adding vegan desserts to the food boat and when I visited they had an excellent Sticky Toffee Pudding... fact it was so excellent & my picture was so terrible that I shall leave how it looked to your imagination. I will say that I have considered paying the £28 train fare just to go to London on the spur of the moment to eat it!

Another great thing about Tibits is that they are the fantastic venue for London Vegan Drinks. This excellent event takes place on the third Thursday of every month and it's a great way to meet new people whilst enjoying delicious food & drinks.

Sadly I can't make it to todays London Vegan Drinks but I hope that everyone who does attend has an awesome time & hopefully I'll be able to make it to the next one.


  1. I love Tibits! You're lucky to have the onion rings, I think I've only ever had them about twice and I've been to Tibits 20+ times!x

  2. Thanks for the heads up I visit London quite often and am always looking for somewhere new to eat, will definetly give them a try.


  3. I was at an amazing pay-by-weight restaurant in Prague a couple of years ago, yum! This looks great as well. (Welcome back to blogging, I've missed you!)

  4. I've never been, but a vegan sticky toffee pudding you say? Suddenly my I feel a trip up the west end calling...

  5. I should not look at posts like this before having breakfast. The mushroom antipasti look so great! I think I am dying with hunger.

  6. I love this place too... they had one restaurant at Westfield in West London too but they closed down quite quickly, I was really disappointed.

  7. Have you been to Northern Lights in Little East Street? You may have blogged about them but I didn't see them in your Brighton link page.

    Not a vegan restaurant but they can make many of their meals vegan (admittedly, they've done up their website & I cannot see as many vegan indicators as I used to). They used to do a vegan pyttipanna which I love.

    A lot of it is comfort food. Very carby & filling. I like the pies. They have many vegan wines too.

  8. I had my first trip to Tibits thanks to an omnivore friend who somehow had a way to get BOGOF plates of food. It was soooo good. Plus we had a soya caffe freddo after which was lovely. definitely will be visiting more often. She is even thinking of having her birthday there. Thank you for blogging more Jojo! I have missed your posts :).

  9. Oh my goodness!! This place looks like my dream come true! Must go to London now ^_^

  10. tidbits looks SOO good!
    can't wait for my next trip to london - gonna have to plan to go there!! thanks for the review to see! :)

  11. I have seen you write about Tibits before and I have been really intrigued. The nexr time I go to London, this is going to be my number 1 place to go!


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