Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pho & Mildred's.

Regular readers of the blog'll know that I'm a big Pho restaurant fan. They were really great the first time I visited. They happily answered all of my "is this vegan?" questions & even went out of their way to veganise one of their desserts for us so I was pretty happy when friends suggested we meet up there for lunch. Pho aren't a vegetarian restaurant, they're a chain with restaurants in London & Brighton but the staff at all the locations I've visited have been very knowledgeable about what is & isn't vegan.

I decided to go crazy & order something I hadn't tried before, I usually order a big bowl of Pho but this time I went for the Pho Xao Chay, wok fried rice noodles with tofu, mushrooms & vegetables.

This came topped with peanuts & with sides of beansprouts & a soy and ginger sauce. I really enjoyed it & it somehow seemed lighter than the Pho soup I usually order. I'll definitely be getting this again.

That weekend I also ate at Mildreds, for those of you that haven't heard of it Mildreds is a vegetarian restaurant situated in Soho, central London. They've been around since the late 80's & they're always busy. They don't take reservations so it's best to get there earlyish to get your name on the list for a table. If you do have a bit of a wait they'll happily start you a tab at the bar & there are plenty of nearby pubs. I'd visited Mildreds before but ended up ordering something that, whilst it came highly recommended, wasn't really to my taste. I was really excited to go back there & this time the food was great.

I ordered the burger of the day which was courgette & carrot.

The burger comes topped with relish, rocket & tomato and with a side of basil mayo & fries. I paid the £2.30 extra for sweet potato fries instead of regular potato because that's how I roll sometimes! I was really glad I did too because they were SO good. This whole plate of food was exceptional, from the lightly toasted bun & the succulent burger, to the amazing basil mayo which was just basiley enough & not completely overpowering.

I can't wait to head back to Mildreds to try their next burger of the day.


  1. Hey Jojo!
    I was wondering if you've had the pleasure of going to a Tampopo yet? Its a chain that started in Manchester, but there's a branch in Bristol and I know you like it there. They mark things as vegan on their menu and theyre delicious asianny food. I had Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Black Bean Tofu, Jasmine rice and some vietnamese banana fritter things. It was awesome. They also have fresh lemonade and orange juices, and do a lovely mixture of both known as a St Clement's.
    Its really lovely there, anyway.
    Phoebe (I was Alien on the PPK) =]

  2. I love reading your posts on places that I went to when I was on holidays there, it makes me all sentimental!

    Have you had Mildred's chocolate raspberry truffle cake thingy? So frakking good... though so rich!

    My brother is living in London at the moment, so I am alwways passing on hints for places he should try and report back to me on. ;) Shall mention Pho!

  3. Even hungover Pho was good!!

    I really liked Mildreds as well, definitely would go back there. Even with their dodgy bottom step!

  4. Hi Phoebe!

    I do like Bristol but I haven't been for ages & I definitely haven't been to Tampopo yet. It looks great though, I've just been drooling over their menu online! I noticed that there's a Tampopo in Reading which I might get to go to soon because my best friend just moved there.

    Susan, I haven't had that dessert yet but I know what I'll be ordering next time I visit!

  5. Ooh, those sweet potato fries look amazing. If I ever find myself in London, I am totally there.

  6. Oooh I'd definitely love Pho's and a courgette and carrot burger sounds amazig too.

  7. if I don't get any sort of fries soon, I will have a fit. don't blame you for going with sweet taters!

  8. As a Manc, I can definitely second Phoebe's recommendation of Tampopo - they even do some vegan desserts like a vietnanese black rice pudding.

  9. I was in London back in December & I throughly enjoyed both Pho & Mildred's. Mildred's was amazingly good!!! We also found ourselves having the curry noodle soup over at Wagamama's- they are so vegan friendly and that curry noodle soup is so flavorful. Love that drumming shot-very cool & yes, NYC is pretty damn great.

  10. So much yummy food! Thanks for the ideas for when I next visit London


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