Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Terre a Terre - Part III

My fellow blogging friend Kip & I decided to make the most of a midweek day off together and headed to Terre a Terre to sample their Great Growers Menu.

I get quite excited when Terre a Terre have one of these seasonal menu's as it's usually a cheaper way to eat at the restaurant (3 courses for £15) and you get to eat delicious, beautifully presented seasonal food.

To start we ordered Pulborough's Asparagus Army...

...described as a broad bean and thyme espresso with samphire, linseed flowery leaf relish and fried asparagus soldiers I wasn't entirely sure what we were going to be getting. I was very overexcited when I saw the beautifully presented plate, the little cup of soup, battered asparagus and little pile of samphire looked delicious. I'd never tried samphire before but I'd always wanted to after seeing it on almost every episode of Masterchef. It was delicious and I'll definitely be looking out for it when it's in season next year. The soup was seriously amazing, it was creamy and delicious and made me love broad beans even more, I loved having the little deep fried soldiers to dip in it and the lemon went with them perfectly.

Our main of choice (well, not exactly choice as it was the only vegan option!) was Lettuce and Lovage.

Now I'm not an enormous lettuce fan but this was pretty good, I enjoyed the little pea and parsley cakes and the baby potatoes were delicious, I'm a big fan of pea shoots so that was an exciting unexpected addition to the meal.

As usual I was excited about the dessert. Raspberry Rumble - Raspberry frangipane tartine served with raspberry sorbet.

This wasn't the biggest dessert I've ever eaten but it was SO SO good. The little almond tart was crispy on the outside & soft and perfect on the inside, the sorbet was perfectly tart and they went together beautifully.

Obviously it's taken me so long to blog about this that they're no longer serving this menu but don't let that stop you going there, their a la carte menu is amazing and the Terre a Tapas menu looks great - I'll hopefully be trying that asap!

Next time I'll finally be starting to blog about our Honeymoon trip, starting in Gent.


  1. Dude, I want to go to one of these meals! Terre a Terre <3

  2. Everything looks beautiful! A three course seasonal meal for £15 does sound excellent. Looking forward to your post about Gent!

  3. I want to come and visit you. Now.

  4. I do love Terre a Terre, but don't you find with those set menus that you are still starving when you come to leave?! Maybe that was just because I went when it was busy and there was such a long wait between courses......

  5. Asda sell samphire at the moment. It's not cheap at £2 a box, but it's there for a salty treat!

    Also, I had been wondering about the frangipagne tart when were were at TaT in August, as on one menu it was vegan, the other, not. I'm glad it was good, but does it beat the churros??


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