Saturday 24 April 2010

Pizza Party!

So my awesome friend and fellow blogger Kip brought some Daiya back from her recent trip to the US and was generous enough to share it with PPKers Holley, Sal, my husband Nick and I.

I was super excited as Daiya hadn't come out when I was last over in New York and I'd heard great things about it, also a pizza party sounded pretty damn fun!

Upon arrival at Kip's place I soon realised she's the bestest hostess ever! This was no ordinary pizza party, firstly she'd made canapes...

...puff pastry, cream cheese, maple bacon and apple canapes! There's a bit of a foodie craze for bacon at the moment and I was certainly super impressed with this vegan twist on the craze using Redwood's vegi bacon.

She'd also casually knocked up some garlic dough balls which impressed the hell outa my husband as I don't think he'd ever considered them to be a food you could make at home!

Pretty soon it was pizza time. This is Daiya, Redwood's bacon, chicken burger pizza! Amazing!

Here it is all plated up with salad and some delicious dough balls!

Kip also made a hawaiian pizza and a cheese & tomato pizza which were both equally delicious but I was too overexcited to remember to take pictures. I really like Daiya, It's perfect melted, really creamy and it certainly does go stringy like milk based cheeses. I hope it comes to the UK soon, it'd be great to have another meltey cheese on the market alongside Cheezly.

To continue her awesomeness Kip even made desserts!

Cookies, biscotti, homemade Newman O ice cream and marshmallow fluff. You can find one of her cookie recipes right here.

Here's my dessert plate!

Alongside Kip's desserts I had a Lazy Day Foods Millionaire shortbread (these are totally delicious and can be found in the free from section of most Waitrose supermarket's) and a piece of Sal's delicious pie.

It was a super awesome day, I love hanging out with my vegan ladies and eating until I feel a little sick!


  1. I've heard that Cheezly will become more readily available here in the States. I'm hoping!

    Everything looks delicious! Pizza is one food where Daiya really works for me.

  2. Oh my word, everything looks so flippin amazing!! I want to try Daiya cheese so much!
    The desserts look brilliant xx

  3. Isn't daiya great! I just tried it for the first time about a week ago on some pizza and really liked it. All the food looks amazing, especially the sweets :)

  4. that really was awesome pizza. I ate so much sugar though. AGAIN!

  5. Hello! I've been following your blog for a while as a fellow vegan in Brighton (and it's been a source of inspiration on a number of occasions, so thanks!) and now I've seen this post about pizza, I decided I had to put my ha'penny worth in!

    The other night my mum was visiting, and we'd been hard at work cleaning, digging and pruning all day, so she said she'd take me and my fella out for dinner. At 7.30 on a Sunday evening this is no mean feat! Everywhere we looked up was closed. Then suddenly I remembered stumbling across a new pizza joint just down the road from me on a frantic google-for-junk-food mission a few weeks ago. It's called Pizzaface, on St George's Rd in Kemp Town - and it's pretty darn good! you can either swap your cheese for extra veg at no extra cost, or have vegan cheese for £1 (I did both because I am a glutton - and although I don't normally like cheese subs, sometimes you just have to!). the only downside was that we thought it was a restaurant and it turned out to be a takeaway.

    Oops, sorry, I seem to have written a blog post in a comment box...

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Wowsers, what an awesome dinner and dessert!

  7. I just got a sugar shock only by looking at all those gorgeous desserts! How is daiya compared to cheezly?

  8. YUM! I have yet to master garlic knots... but daiya on everything? Have that covered! :)

    man... those desserts are amazing!

  9. Looks amazing!

    I wish I could get Daiya down here in Australia. Everyone makes it sound so good.

  10. oh Im so jealous. The food looks soooo good. Glad you had a good time.

  11. That all looks amazing!!!!

  12. This food looks fantastic. Especially the Pizza. I love it :-)

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